Sunday, 27 January 2008

One Skein Scarf

I've attempted to start the One Skein Scarf pattern from the Happy Hooker book. I plan to make 2 of these with the Araucania Quellon yarn that I bought at All The Fun Of The Fair - one for myself in purples and the other in the Coral colour yarn for my Mum.

Am doing mine as the test - and with how badly it's going so far, I'm glad I am! Have struggled to do anything more than the first row because I've been fighting with the yarn. It was a bit tangled when I bought it, but I've managed to make it worse:

Am slowly getting there and sorting it, but it's been a nightmare so far! Also managed to make things difficult for myself by making my chains so loose, that it's hard to tell what was the front or back, or how many I'd done - so I think I'm just going to have to fudge this project as I go along!

Azzy's finished hat

My hat is now finished and blocked! Yay!

I didn't actually run out of wool this time - I didn't want it to be quite as long as the one I did for Trev, so it's 2 or 3 rows shorter. It's a bit longer than I was going to leave it, as my earlobes weren't covered and were getting cold when I wore it out, so added a few more rows :)

The majority of this was done on the train on my way to and from work - I am particularly grateful for the half an hour delay I had on Wednesday which meant I had lots of time to crochet in the station itself. It was initially finished Wednesday morning, but the extra rows and blocking was done on Friday night.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

All The Fun Of The Fair

At lunch today I took a walk to the Carnaby Street area of London to go to All The Fun Of The Fair - a yarn shop that people on Ravelry had been going on about. What a wonderful place! Some absolutely wonderful yarns in there - it's only a small place, but I could have stayed in there for hours. Loved the free-range llama wool and they had some beautiful alpaca stuff as well. I didn't have much of a rummage in the bargain baskets (lack of time) and I forgot to buy some yarn to practice with (hopefully will pop back tomorrow), but what I DID buy, was wonderful :)

They had on offer, some stunning Araucania yarn - for only £2 a skein. I bought 2 in 2 different colourways - one being purplyish, and the other being a coral mixture of reds and oranges. I plan to make two One Skein Scarves - one for myself in the purple, and the other for my Mum in the coral. They look and feel gorgeous, so hope the scarves will look stunning once finished!

If you're in the area, please go - it's such a perfect little shop.

WIP Azzy's Hat

Da-daaaah! My hat is getting there! Now I'm making the most of the solid 90 minutes I get on the trains every day, it's coming on leaps and bounds. Hope to have it finished tomorrow, so I can get it blocked and make sure it is ready for next week's commute!

It's actually quite a nice pinky-purple colour - the picture doesn't do it justice.

Yay for crochet!

Trev's finished hat

Hurrah! My first project finished :) Am really really happy with it.

I actually finished it on Sunday, but after blocking it Sunday night, it has taken until now to dry. Trev loves it too - it's a funny mid length for him (not long enough to have a brim, but too short to be a proper beanie), but it will keep his ears and neck warm as well as his head, so he's happy!

Now onto my hat which I've been continuing to work on during my commute, so it's coming on nicely! (Pic to follow.)

Monday, 21 January 2008

Crochet on the commute

This morning I proudly took my crochet onto the train! I started my Anarchy Irony hat last night but didn't get as much done as I wanted as I was distracted by the spectacle that was Alien Vs Predator on the tv last night. So, to play catchup, I thought I'd do some on the train :)

Am in a rush to get mine done now, as I finished Trev's yesterday and blocked it - it's now on the table drying out (and taking forever in the process) and looks brilliant! Mine of course will look even better as it's nicer colours (a nice pink/purple combo), but got to get it done first!

So yes, crochet on the fast train to London a definite success this morning - although I don't think I managed all that much in 45 minutes as I was worried about elbowing the sleeping bloke sat next to me. Received no funny looks from anyone, but that's probably due to them being half asleep more than anything else. We'll see how it goes tonight!

Hopefully later I can post pics of the Trev's finished hat - provided it's dried :)

Does anybody else crochet on their journey to work? Do you get any looks or comments?

Sunday, 20 January 2008

WIP Anarchy Irony Hat

Here's a picture of the nearly completed Anarchy Iron Hat! Have been dead chuffed to see that it does now fit on Trev's head :) (I did start again - using a 5.5mm hook)

My only worry is that I'm going to run out of wool before I do the recommended amount of rows, but hopefully that won't spoil things too much. And I don't know if it's how I'm doing it, but I the join in the round seems to be working it's way round the hat in some bizarre diagonal fashion - weird!

But at least it's nearly done - then onto mine! Yay! :)

Friday, 18 January 2008

Anarchy Irony Hat

Well this is my first crochet project! After making a couple of test swatches, it seemed that the the 6.0mm hook recommended in the bookwould be too big as I couldn't get the gauge right. I have now changed down to a 5.0mm hook, but I must be crocheting tighter or something as it's now too small and won't reach the 22" circumference!


Not sure whether to add a few more stitches to try and make it bigger (don't think I will), so will most likely frog it. But do I:
a) Start again with a and try and crochet looser?
b) Start again with the 6.0mm and risk it being a little bit too big?

Decisions decisions!

Of course there is a third option - get Trev to shrink his head, but I don't think that's going to happen somehow!

First post - first project!

Recently I got it into my head that I wanted to learn to crochet! I used to be fascinated by watching my mum make little blankets and throws for friend's babies and it always seemed easier than knitting - when I tried years ago and never quite got the hang of.

So, cue the purchase of the Stitch 'n Bitch Happy Hooker book, making a loooong list of all of the patterns I want to do from it, and the order of some crochet hooks from eBay.

I decided that I need a hat for those cold mornings when I'm waiting for my train to London! Plus the mister wants one too, so that was the decision made for the first project.

So first up - the Anarchy Irony Hat - except without the Anarchy sign - so just a hat really :)