Monday, 18 February 2008

Finished Boy Beanies

I made a couple of Boy Beanies last week - not using the pattern listed in the Stitch n Bitch crochet book but instead an updated pattern by the same designer that I found on Ravelry.

I did make the change of instead of chaining a small circle, I used the Magic Adjustable ring to make the starting round - so I could pull it closed and leave no gap in the top - worked beautifully!

Initially I used a 6.0mm hook and followed the pattern exactly - with the aim of making a hat for Trev - however the result was the smaller hat shown in the picture - which hardly fits on my head, let alone Trev's! :)

I then attempted it again with a 7.0mm hook, and I added 2 extra lots of row 9 - to increase the length. This now fits on his head and covers his ears - and he's taken to wearing it a lot recently. In fact it's on his head right now :) I managed to get both hats out of a single lot of yarn, so in that respect it's worked out quite well too!



As an aside, my Mum was very happy with her scarf and rang me to tell me how nice it looked and how much she loves the yarn! She's now in Yemen on holiday, so hopefully when she gets back I'll be able to see her wearing it - yay!

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Another finished scarf and a shopping trip!

Yay - I've finished my second scarf :) This one is the one I was doing for my Mum - and I did it with a 7.0mm hook instead of a 6.0mm for the body of the work. Bizarrely though, it's ended up no wider, and actually shorter than the first one! Don't know what I was doing with the chains because both had 203! Such are the joys of being a beginner I guess!

I do think this one has come out much nicer though - the rows in the centre are more defined, and I did a better job of the edging too. Have loads of yarn left though - more than I did last time - so definitely have enough to make another one again if I dare brave it :) (Although I'm going to have to do at least one more as my sister in law would like one in the purple.)

I'm unsure if I should block these, or give them a wash or something - to improve how it looks. The purple one has already started to curl after my wearing it the other day - it may be an issue with the yarn. The next one I do (for me), I'll do with some of my Almerino yarn that I have - hopefully that will be easier to work with and will retain it's shape better.

So yesterday when we popped to town, we bought some yarn for a couple of projects. Trev wants a Boy Beanie and I needed to buy some nice acrylic to make a nice jacket/hoody for a colleague of mine who has a new baby boy :)

Unfortunately Peterborough is VERY limited in terms of LYS (although I haven't checked out the market yet) and we had to go to John Lewis, which is no bad thing, but it's lots of Rowan and not much else (plus I get a desperate urge to spend money when looking around the kitchen department - which IS a bad thing).

Trev just needed to find some nice acrylic for his hat, but struggled to find one colour he liked - never mind two - and kept gravitating towards the expensive £6 for 50g yarn :) Eventually we decided to only make him one hat, and he picked out the yarn I used on his Anarchy Irony hat (Sirdar Denim Chunky in the same dark colour) - which he can only wear when it's really cold due to how long it is.


Hunting round in the bargain basket, we found a small ball of grey yarn for £1 - it's labelled B.M.D. - any ideas? This will do quite nicely for the stripes - so now thankfully the hat will look much different to the once I've already done for him!


Looking for my colleagues baby, there was lots of lovely baby yarns in child-friendly acrylic. I was able to grab the last 3 lots of Sirdar Snuggly DK in a lovely baby blue. I've seen some lovely free baby jacket patterns on Ravelry, so I need to just pull my finger out and have a go.


Once I've got another scarf, hat and baby jacket out of the way, I'm unsure about what I want to try next! I've not even tried granny squares yet - so there's so much to do - so little time! It is exciting though - not to mention fun :)

Monday, 4 February 2008

Finished One Skein Scarf

Finally finished this scarf :)

Overall am quite happy with it - although there's lot of issues and mistakes on it. To start with, I managed to start putting the edging on the wrong side, rather than the right side, so it does look a bit weird.
Also, I didn't use a full skein of yarn - which is odd - as my skeins are shorter than the ones given in the pattern but I still have leftovers. No big deal - in fact it's a good thing so I can then make a perfect one in this colourway for me to wear :)

It's also come in a bit narrow - under 3 inches wide. The next one I may do with a 7mm hook, rather than a 6mm - to try and make it a bit wider. Otherwise, I could try adding another row of double (US) crochet, but I'll see which looks best.

The yarn wasn't especially easy to work with - does feel lovely, but the changing of the colour can make it a bit difficult to count the chains at the beginning.
So - will definitely be making more of these - need to do one for my mum (in the coral Araucania), may do one in some yummy cheap Almerino yarn I ordered (pic below) and a colleague at work wants one.

Glad they don't take long to do :)

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Ball Winding

Not only have I FINALLY managed to unravel the mess I made of my first skein of Araucania Quellon, I've gone one better and turned all 4 skeins into nice little centre-pull balls :)

I was at my wits end wondering what to do with these, and without any sort of mechanical ball winder, I wondered whether I was going to have to continue to wrap each skein around the lid of a tin I had lying around.

But thanks to Ravelry and this post on the Ariadne Knits blog, I've turned each skein into a nice little ball :) You can see the order I did them in - from left to right. The first one being a bit misshapen, the second being very ball-like (however I wrapped the yarn too tightly around my thumb which promptly went numb and pulled out half the yarn with it when I was done), whilst the last two have nice flat bums so they sit up straight!

What's been quite fascinating about doing this, is seeing how different each skein actually is once you examine it closely - even though it's meant to be the same colourway. Will be very interesting to see how these crochet up and look in a finished article! (Sorry for the rubbish pictures - these do make it hard to see how different each ball looks!)

On a side note, I frogged the scarf I had started when I was untangling the yarn. I'm now going to start it again and see if I can do a better job of it this time!