Sunday, 30 March 2008

Funky button!

As promised here is my newly updated iPod cozy - featuring it's funky button!

Buttons (the blue ones are for the baby hoody):





Another beautiful one skein scarf

Unfortunately the one skein scarf in blue that I made for myself is no longer in my possession! My younger sister has claimed it, so this morning I finished another one - this time to not be given away! :)

This one took less yarn for some reason, and I don't think it is as wide - very weird! However I don't have the curling problem here as on my foundation row, I crocheted into the butt on the chain - which meant when doing the shells I had a "V" I could work into - making both sides now look identical. The other perk of crocheting into the butt of the chain is that for me here, it seems to have given a stretchier result.

Here are a few gratuitous pics (taken on Macbook's iSight camera so not great):

Azzys Finished One Skein Scarf 2

Azzys Finished One Skein Scarf 3

Saturday, 29 March 2008

A trip in the rain

In other crochet related news, I braved the horrendous rain yesterday to go to John Lewis on Oxford Street in my lunch break. They have the best haberdashery there and I could have spent hours in there wandering around looking at all of the crafty stuff.

My main purpose in going was to buy some White Sirdar Snuggle DK to make the edging on the baby hoody - as I thought it would look better like this than with just blue. I also bought some cute little blue buttons so I now have no excuse to not finish the item off :) Although thinking about it now perhaps white buttons would have been a better choice as the button band will be white... oh well. Haven't taken any pictures of the buttons but will take pics of the FO and post it here. Here's the yarn:


I also bought some press studs and a funky button to finish off my iPod cosy (the grey and pink striped one). The press studs I will put into each corner of the flap so that I can properly close it, and the button will be added into the buttonhole for decoration only. Will post some more pics when I'm finished.

I'm only able to walk to John Lewis now because I started a new job at the beginning of last week which is smack in the middle of Oxford Street. So I am now no more than 10 minutes walk away from John Lewis, Libertys (which I haven't been to yet) and All The Fun Of The Fair - perfect! It's ironic that I'm in no danger being near Selfridges, Debenhams or the many designer shops in the area - it's the YARN stores that pose a threat to me :) I'm just glad that my hubby tolerates my love of crochet! (Plus he gets funky hats and things out of it so it's not all a one way relationship!)

There's still so many things I want to make! It's wonderful but also frustrating as there's so many barriers - time, my skills... Oh well - I must crack on and finish this hoody before I think about other projects!

Beautiful One Skein Scarf

Unfortunately I'm struggling to finish the baby hoodie I've started - so I decided I'd crochet myself something quick and something that's actually FOR ME which most of my items haven't been :)

So I've finally broken into my Rooster Almerino Yarn that I purchased for a bargain price and started on my fourth One Skein Scarf. (New pic below.)


Unfortunately despite crocheting really loosely, the foundation row still curls slightly at the ends - not sure how I can alleviate this but I'll see what I can think of.

But working with this yarn was an absolutely joy - the other scarves I made gave the impression that this pattern was quite slow and labourious, however I've been able to whip this out in just about 4 hours and it's gorgeous. It's soft and spongy and incredibly warm! Plus the stitches have a lovely definition - the scarf now looks much more like it actually should do :) Started it on Thursday night and did it for about 2 hours, did about 1 1/2 hours during my commute yesterday and then finished it off last night to do the last few shells.

This only took just over 3 of my 10 25g balls of yarn - so I should be able to make another one (hopefully without curling this time) and I can then gift this one. I should then have enough yarn left to make a hat to go with it or something.

I also learned the art of spit splicing! When the first 2 balls ran out I wove the ends in as I went along, but because I had to break into another ball of yarn for just the last 2 shells, I tried spit splicing in an effort to make the joins invisible. And it worked like a charm! I'll definitely be sure to use this again next time I have to change to a new ball of yarn.

I do love this yarn though - it's a shame that I don't think I can get any more of it so cheaply (the Rooster yarn was a one time offer at the bargain price I bought it for) - but I'll be sure to buy some more yarn from Andy at Prestige (alpacabuyer on Ravelry) or some of his yarn that has been dyed up by other people.

But enough of the talking - here are some gorgeous pics of the finished scarf:






Photo 4

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Azzy's Boy Beanie

I made myself a Boy Beanie yesterday. The one I made at the same time as Trev's is a bit too small for me - it is a good 2 or 3 rows too short. I thought I had enough yarn left from making all those iPod cozies to squeeze out a hat and I was right!

I started with a magic adjustable ring so as to leave no hole at the top (I LOVE those things) and added 2 extra of row 9 - so it now looks like more of a hat than a skull cap :)

It's still a bit tight as I used a 6.0mm hook, but after blocking and a bit of wear I'm sure it will be fine. I'm really happy with how this has turned out. Maybe next time if I make another I will add a third extra row and maybe a couple of extra stitches, just to make it a bit wider.



Sunday, 9 March 2008

More iPod Cozies!

Before converting my iPod pattern to a pdf to upload onto Ravelry, I thought I should crochet another couple of cozies from the pattern just to check that it all looks and works out ok. So I made up two more - one in pink and one in pink and grey stripes.

All went perfectly until it came to the assembly - I just have issues stitching up the sides and the bottom without making it look all lumpy. Was driving me mad.

So I've had the idea of crocheting the item in the round, which leaves you with only the bottom to sew up. It does mean that you will have a slightly seam moving round the item, but I thought that if you slip stitch along to where you want the flap to start, you can then ensure the majority of the seam is at the back and is them covered up by the pocket.

Some time later: ta daaaah!





Not bad! So I'm going to re-work my pattern to make sure that the item is crocheted in the round, rather than as a flat item.

Am going to make a plain pink one now (which will be used for the pattern pictures) and then perhaps one with wider stripes, or 2 pink stripes, 1 grey stripes.

Pattern coming soon!

Saturday, 8 March 2008

More shopping & crocheting!

I did what has to be the quickest dash in the world around John Lewis the other night, looking for some yarn. I wanted to go after work, which meant it had to be a Thursday as I don't get back from London until 18:15. But my bus home leaves at 18:30, leaving me only 15 minutes to get from the station to John Lewis, shop, pay, and get on the bus. I'd tried to get a train 10 minutes earlier, but that ended up being delayed by 10 minutes, so I still only got to town at 18:15!

Despite there being a queue AND my needing to pay via debit card, I was on the bus with time to spare - not bad for someone who is horrendously unfit and who gets out of breath as soon as they break into a trot! :)

Based on the yardage it says I need for my baby hoodie, I need at least 5 lots of the baby blue Sirdar Snuggly - so I wanted to get 6 to make sure. Plus I can make a cute amigurumi toy or a hat or something to go with it if there is any left over.

After having cleared it out last time I was in there, I was worried that they wouldn't have any left and initially it didn't seem that they had - in fact they did, they'd just moved it to somewhere completely different! How's that for confusing?

And because I can't just buy what I need to buy, I had a super quick look for some yarn with which I can make some more iPod cozies. And I saw this:


I don't know why I seem to always be buying Sirdar Denim Chunky, but this is just the coolest colour - and is almost the exact same color as my iPod Nano. I should be able to get 2 or 3 cozies at least out of this - so I'll have to try selling some on Etsy - if I can just recoup the cost of the yarn I'll be happy.

I'm also going to use the opportunity of making some more to take pictures during the making process so I can add them to the pattern pdf that I'm going to do this weekend.

Going to be a busy bunny!

Have also recently added to Trev's Anarchy Irony hat. I had a bit of yarn left over when I made our Boy Beanies and I used this to add to his hat, so it looked a bit more like the pattern. Also put some grey edging on it to make it look extra special. Here are some new pics of it, and some new pics of my Anarchy Irony hat, taken during daylight:





Progress on Baby Hoody

I'm making good progress on the Baby Hoody I'm making for a colleague. I finished the back yesterday, and am now starting work on the left front. Still got lots left to do, but I feel like I'm making progress! I think the half-double crochet (half-treble in UK terms) is possibly my favourite stitch at the moment. I just love how it looks! Plus it's great practice for when I do my Cupcake top from the SnB Happy Hooker book as that's all hdc as well!


The baby in question is currently in Australia as his parents get married there next week (mum is Australian, dad English) - so I want to make the top somehow themed around both countries - with either some funky buttons or some flag patches or something on each side.

Looking good! Unfortunately I always seem to have to adjust something because my gauge is always off! My swatches ALWAYS come out smaller than they should do, so instead of using a 4.0mm hook, I'm having to use a 6.0mm and even then my gauge is only just right. So I'm worried about it being more "holey" than it should be, and therefore not as warm - but fingers crossed it'll be ok.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

I'm a designer!

I have been able to get the lovely people at Ravelry to set me up as a designer! This not only means that I can now share my patterns (well pattern at this point) but it also gives me the ability to set up my own little store where I can upload pdfs of my patterns for people to download :)

So my iPod Nano cozy pattern that I put on here the other day will shortly appear in Ravelry, with a few tweaks and changes, in a lovely pdf format full of pictures! So DON'T MAKE THE PATTERN BELOW JUST YET! :)

It's also a good chance for me to make a new improved iPod cozy, as there are a few things about the existing one that I'm not 100% happy with and would like to change.

Grr - I want it to be the weekend already! Yay for crochet!

I do have another couple of ideas for patterns I'd like to do - it's just time and funds! Need to get this baby jacket done for a colleague of mine, and then my time is my own.

Unfortunately the bit of money I was saving for some yarn shopping had to go on a cab home tonight after my train suffered delays. I HATE COMMUTING! (But the crochet time is good) :) Not that I've done much crochet this week as I've been utilising my new iPod that Trev bought me. Need to find ways of utilising my iPod for crochet related stuff :)

Ideas on a postcard please!

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Pattern - iPod Nano Cozy - OLD PATTERN!


Or, use this button to download a pdf from Ravelry:

free pattern on Ravelry

Here is the pattern for my iPod Nano Cosy:


Yarn: Anything that is 7 or 8 wraps per inch
Hook: 4.5mm for 8 wpi, 5.0mm for 7 wpi
Other items: Tapestry needle


Starting row: CH 21.

Row 1: SC in 2nd stitch from hook. SC in each stitch along - 20 SC. CH 1. Weave in the tail as you go.

Rows 2-16: SC in each stitch along - 20 SC. CH 1.

Row 17: SC in first 10 stitches. CH 1. Turn work.

Rows 18-20: SC in each stitch along - 10 SC. CH 1.

Row 21: SC 3, CH 4, SK 4, SC 3, CH 1. (This creates the button hole.)

Row 22: SC in each stitch along (including the 4 chains) - 10 SC. CH 1.

Row 23: SC in each stitch along - 10 SC. CH 1.

Row 24: SC in each stitch along - 10 SC. Fasten off, leaving an 18 inch tail.


Starting row: CH 9.

Row 1: SC in 2nd stitch from hook. SC in each stitch along - 8 SC. CH 1. Weave in tail as you go.

Rows 2-12: SC in each stitch along - 8 SC. CH1.

Row 13: SC in each stitch along - 8 SC. Fasten off, leaving a 12 inch tail.



Before you start assembling, now is a good time to block the pieces to try and get rid of any curling. Block and allow to dry.

With RS facing on both sections, place the pocket section 3 rows up from the bottom, directly underneath the button hole. Using the tail from the pocket section, stitch along the edges of the pocket piece and attach it to the body of the cozy. Fasten off on WS of work and weave in ends.

With WS facing (which means the pocket is now inside), use the long tail to join both sides together and to stitch up the bottom. For extra strength, you can stitch down the side, along the bottom and then back up again. Fasten off, and weave in ends.

Turn it the right way out, attach button and you're ready to go! (I used a crocheted button, but any sort would do.)

To make it look extra smart you could add edging around the edge of the whole cozy before you assemble it, in a contrasting colour.

The yarn I used was just what I had available from my stash, but I think the whole item would look really good in a brightly coloured, variegated, or striping yarn.

The FO shown looks slightly different to how the pattern will turn out (the pocket is too small on the FO and my stitching up was a bit wonky at the bottom) - so will post pictures of a revised FO once I have re-crocheted the item.

iPod Nano Cozy

My darling hubby has just bought me a new iPod to help me on my looong commute to and from London.

At some point I want to buy a proper case for it, however I don't want to take it out with me completely unprotected so I had a look online for a pattern for a case for an iPod Nano. I managed to find a few patterns, however none for the newer Nano which plays video.

So, I thought I'd attempt a pattern! I'll post the pattern in a separate blog post, but for now here are lots of pictures :)