Sunday, 30 March 2008

Another beautiful one skein scarf

Unfortunately the one skein scarf in blue that I made for myself is no longer in my possession! My younger sister has claimed it, so this morning I finished another one - this time to not be given away! :)

This one took less yarn for some reason, and I don't think it is as wide - very weird! However I don't have the curling problem here as on my foundation row, I crocheted into the butt on the chain - which meant when doing the shells I had a "V" I could work into - making both sides now look identical. The other perk of crocheting into the butt of the chain is that for me here, it seems to have given a stretchier result.

Here are a few gratuitous pics (taken on Macbook's iSight camera so not great):

Azzys Finished One Skein Scarf 2

Azzys Finished One Skein Scarf 3

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