Saturday, 29 March 2008

Beautiful One Skein Scarf

Unfortunately I'm struggling to finish the baby hoodie I've started - so I decided I'd crochet myself something quick and something that's actually FOR ME which most of my items haven't been :)

So I've finally broken into my Rooster Almerino Yarn that I purchased for a bargain price and started on my fourth One Skein Scarf. (New pic below.)


Unfortunately despite crocheting really loosely, the foundation row still curls slightly at the ends - not sure how I can alleviate this but I'll see what I can think of.

But working with this yarn was an absolutely joy - the other scarves I made gave the impression that this pattern was quite slow and labourious, however I've been able to whip this out in just about 4 hours and it's gorgeous. It's soft and spongy and incredibly warm! Plus the stitches have a lovely definition - the scarf now looks much more like it actually should do :) Started it on Thursday night and did it for about 2 hours, did about 1 1/2 hours during my commute yesterday and then finished it off last night to do the last few shells.

This only took just over 3 of my 10 25g balls of yarn - so I should be able to make another one (hopefully without curling this time) and I can then gift this one. I should then have enough yarn left to make a hat to go with it or something.

I also learned the art of spit splicing! When the first 2 balls ran out I wove the ends in as I went along, but because I had to break into another ball of yarn for just the last 2 shells, I tried spit splicing in an effort to make the joins invisible. And it worked like a charm! I'll definitely be sure to use this again next time I have to change to a new ball of yarn.

I do love this yarn though - it's a shame that I don't think I can get any more of it so cheaply (the Rooster yarn was a one time offer at the bargain price I bought it for) - but I'll be sure to buy some more yarn from Andy at Prestige (alpacabuyer on Ravelry) or some of his yarn that has been dyed up by other people.

But enough of the talking - here are some gorgeous pics of the finished scarf:






Photo 4

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