Sunday, 30 March 2008

Funky button!

As promised here is my newly updated iPod cozy - featuring it's funky button!

Buttons (the blue ones are for the baby hoody):






Anonymous said...

Hi Azzy
I'm new to crochet too! though have knitted for years. Got a nano for xmas and am going to try your cozy... what a great idea. How scarey is it to design something? I wouldn't have a clue. will send you pic when I've done it. xAmy

azzy said...

Thanks Amy - will love to know how you get on. Be sure to download the pattern from Ravelry as I'm not entirely sure that the one on my blog is 100% accurate - will go and check that now.

It is a bit scary designing something - for this it wasn't too bad as it was something I was going to use for myself, and having seen not very many crocheted patterns for this sort of thing, I thought I'd share it if I could get it right.

Very nervous about designing anything else though - especially if any shaping is required! iPod cozies are great because they're flat and square :)