Sunday, 9 March 2008

More iPod Cozies!

Before converting my iPod pattern to a pdf to upload onto Ravelry, I thought I should crochet another couple of cozies from the pattern just to check that it all looks and works out ok. So I made up two more - one in pink and one in pink and grey stripes.

All went perfectly until it came to the assembly - I just have issues stitching up the sides and the bottom without making it look all lumpy. Was driving me mad.

So I've had the idea of crocheting the item in the round, which leaves you with only the bottom to sew up. It does mean that you will have a slightly seam moving round the item, but I thought that if you slip stitch along to where you want the flap to start, you can then ensure the majority of the seam is at the back and is them covered up by the pocket.

Some time later: ta daaaah!





Not bad! So I'm going to re-work my pattern to make sure that the item is crocheted in the round, rather than as a flat item.

Am going to make a plain pink one now (which will be used for the pattern pictures) and then perhaps one with wider stripes, or 2 pink stripes, 1 grey stripes.

Pattern coming soon!

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