Saturday, 8 March 2008

More shopping & crocheting!

I did what has to be the quickest dash in the world around John Lewis the other night, looking for some yarn. I wanted to go after work, which meant it had to be a Thursday as I don't get back from London until 18:15. But my bus home leaves at 18:30, leaving me only 15 minutes to get from the station to John Lewis, shop, pay, and get on the bus. I'd tried to get a train 10 minutes earlier, but that ended up being delayed by 10 minutes, so I still only got to town at 18:15!

Despite there being a queue AND my needing to pay via debit card, I was on the bus with time to spare - not bad for someone who is horrendously unfit and who gets out of breath as soon as they break into a trot! :)

Based on the yardage it says I need for my baby hoodie, I need at least 5 lots of the baby blue Sirdar Snuggly - so I wanted to get 6 to make sure. Plus I can make a cute amigurumi toy or a hat or something to go with it if there is any left over.

After having cleared it out last time I was in there, I was worried that they wouldn't have any left and initially it didn't seem that they had - in fact they did, they'd just moved it to somewhere completely different! How's that for confusing?

And because I can't just buy what I need to buy, I had a super quick look for some yarn with which I can make some more iPod cozies. And I saw this:


I don't know why I seem to always be buying Sirdar Denim Chunky, but this is just the coolest colour - and is almost the exact same color as my iPod Nano. I should be able to get 2 or 3 cozies at least out of this - so I'll have to try selling some on Etsy - if I can just recoup the cost of the yarn I'll be happy.

I'm also going to use the opportunity of making some more to take pictures during the making process so I can add them to the pattern pdf that I'm going to do this weekend.

Going to be a busy bunny!

Have also recently added to Trev's Anarchy Irony hat. I had a bit of yarn left over when I made our Boy Beanies and I used this to add to his hat, so it looked a bit more like the pattern. Also put some grey edging on it to make it look extra special. Here are some new pics of it, and some new pics of my Anarchy Irony hat, taken during daylight:





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