Wednesday, 30 April 2008

iPod Nano Cozy

It occurred to me that I haven't posted my revised iPod Cozy pattern to my blog, whilst it has been put onto Ravelry. So for those people who haven't seen it on Ravelry, here it is! Alternatively, anyone can download the pdf for free by clicking the below button.

free pattern on Ravelry

iPod Nano Cozy

This is for the newer 3G iPod Nano with Video.

Gauge isn't hugely important here - and the pattern is very easy to size up or down if you want to make a cozy for another device.

Yarn used for examples: Sirdar Denim Chunky Hook: 5.0mm

Other items: Tapestry needle, button


Ch 20, and without twisting ch, join with sl st in first ch. Check that this loop fits around the circumference of your iPod. Add or remove ch as appropriate. You want a snug fit.

Row 1: Ch 1, 1 sc in each ch around, sl st in first sc to join - 20 sc.

Rows 2 - 16 : Ch 1, sc in each st around, sl st in first sc to join - 20 sc.

Row 17: Sl st in first 6 stitches. 1 sc in each of next 9 st - 9 sc. Ch 1. Turn.

Rows 18-20: Sc in each stitch along - 9sc. Ch 1. Turn.

Row 21: Sc in first 3 st, ch 3, sk 3, ch 3. Ch 1. Turn.

Row 22: Sc in each st along, including the 3 ch - 9 sc. Ch 1. Turn.

Row 23: Sc in each stitch along - 9 Sc. Ch 1.

Row 24: Sc in each stitch along - 9 Sc. Fasten off and weave in end.


Starting row: Ch 9. Row 1: Sc in 2nd stitch from hook. Sc in each stitch along - 8 sc. Ch 1. Weave in tail as you go.

Rows 2-12: Sc in each stitch along - 8 sc. Ch 1.

Row 13: Sc in each stitch along - 8 sc. Fasten off, leaving a 12 inch tail.


Attach the pocket using the tail, to the cozy underneath the flap (to what will be the back of the cozy). Tie off, and weave in ends.

Turn the cozy inside out. Using the tail at the bottom, stitch the bottom seams together.

Turn the right way out. Tie off and weave in tail. Weave in any remaining ends. Affix button.

To size this up or down, you need to ensure that your initial chain is enough to completely go around the circumference of your device. Then do the appropriate number of rows to ensure that your item will be completely covered - normally about 2-4 more than the device is tall.

The flap is half as tall as the cozy itself, so if your cozy is 20 rows tall, your flap needs to be 10 tall. The flap is then also half as wide, so if your cozy is 10 stitches wide, your flap needs to be 5 stitches wide.

For the buttonhole, on that row just ensure that you divide the length of your row into thirds - then sc one third, ch and sk another, then sc the last third. In the event of the row not being an exact multiple of 3, make the button hole wider if it is 3+1, or make the 2 side rows wider if 3+2. E.g. for a row of 11, you would sc 4, ch 3, sk 3, sc 4. For a row of 10 you would sc 3, ch 4, sk 4, sc 3.

On row 17 of the cozy you don't HAVE to do the slip stitches, but this ensures that the seam will then be at the back of the cozy and will be covered up by the pocket. Only a small change, but one I think is worth making.

Feel free to make items from this patten and donate them, or give them to friends and family, however I would ask that you don't sell any items made from this pattern without asking first :) Thanks!

New hooks (and more on the way!)

I realised that I've completely forgotten to post about my new Hamanaka hooks that arrived recently :)

I wanted to treat myself to some nice new hooks, that are more comfortable (I suffer from tendonitis in both wrists so it can hurt sometimes!), and these Hamanaka ones seemed to fit the bill perfectly. I hold my hook like a knife, not a pencil, so wasn't how well something like the Clover Soft Touch Hooks would work for me.

So, one purchase from SaucyLouise on Etsy later, and I am the proud owner of a lovely set of Hamanaka hooks and a case to keep them in!



I've had these a couple of weeks now and LOVE using them. So much so, that on Monday night, my wonderful other half bought me the remaining hooks I need to complete my set :) Can't wait for them to arrive!

The other perk of buying new hooks is that these new ones are correctly sized, unlike my cheapo hooks I bought from eBay. It seems that the hook I thought was a 6.0mm, is actually a 5.0mm, which explains why all my of gauges seem to have been completely wrong. It's a relief to know that it's not me, but the hook! Fingers crossed that this won't be an issue any more.

Been very busy on the crochet front this week tho! Been working away on the baby hoody (particularly on my commute), and now just have to finish the sleeve I am on, do one more, then seam and trim it. Should be finished by the weekend - ready to go to it's recipient on Monday :) Really like how the lilac is working up - even though initially I wasn't too keen. Pics to come soon! Normally I take work in progress photos, but I haven't done this time.

I love crochet :)

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Monkey monkey!


Recently finished my very first crocheted toy - an amigurumi monkey (at least I think he's classed as amigurumi!)

Started him at the weekend for Trev after doing my mammoth yarn shop on Friday but we had a change of plan on Tuesday. Trev's sister and her son (our nephew) were in London on Tuesday night and Trev planned to go down and see them on Wednesday - we thought the monkey would make a nice present for Adam (he's 6). So, cue mad crocheting on Tuesday night to do the tail, both arms, and to put the thing together! Finished at 11:45pm - then had to be up at 5:15am to go to work! Was very tired yesterday :)

He's stuff with cotton wool - rather than the the pellets I bought - as I used that for stuffing his head and it felt quite good! The next one I do will be all stuffed with pellets instead.

I think I stitched his ears too far back on his head and his eyes are a bit too high, but overall I think he looks cute. I crocheted the eyes, using a magic loop of 3 or 4 stitches, joined (can't remember). Because I tried attaching the limbs before stuffing it, the limbs don't sit quite properly - which is something I'll do differently next time.

On the tail, I didn't make it all from the main body colour - I made the tip from the lighter but I did 6 rows, when perhaps 4 would have done - again else to do a different way next time.

So Trev took the monkey with him, down to London to see his family. We had hoped to take some pictures of the monkey at major London sites - St. Pancras, the British Museum etc, but unfortunately time did not allow!

Thankfully Adam LOVES Trev the monkey (very cute that he's named it after my hubby) and asked him to say thank you to me.

So now I have to make another one! Trev has requested I make the new one in his football team's colours - claret and blue. We'll see :)





Friday, 18 April 2008

Loooooadsa yarn shopping!

Today was a good day :)

Trev came to meet me in London and I had the afternoon off. So we had lots of plans for things we wanted to do!

Firstly we posted the third One Skein Scarf that I had done in my Almerino yarn to Trev's sister as a surprise gift. Before moving on to lunch, we stopped to take a couple of picture's of Banksy's latest artwork, which is on the road next to my office. We then had a very interesting lunch at Imli (an Indian tapas restaurant) before going onto what was going to be the highlight of my day - YARN SHOPPING!

I had plans to buy the yarn for the following:

- My Cupcake top from the Happy Hooker
- Trev's Amigurumi Monkey
- Baby Hoody for Trev's colleague's baby
- Extra yarn to make a Little Star Afghan

So I ended up buying the following (and spending £72!!! Eeep!)

- 6 x Rich Red Rowan Calmer - for my Cupcake
- 6 x Lilac Sirdar Snuggly DK - for the hoody and afghan
- 1 x White Sirdar Snuggly DK - for the afghan
- 1 x Red Sirdar Snuggly DK - for Trev's monkey
- 1 x Black Sirdar Wash n Wear DK - for Trev's monkey
- 1 x Dark Brown Sirdar Country Style - for monkey
- 1 x Light Brown Sirdar Country Style - for monkey
- 5 x Little white flower buttons - for hoody
- 1 x bag of bean pellets - for filling monkey

Quite the haul! So after buying all this (we needed a BIG basket whilst in John Lewis :) ) we then had to drag it on the Underground as we had plans of going to IKEA! Now I know it sounds lame, but I was really excited about going because I've never been to an IKEA before and there was loads of stuff I wanted to get a look at as we want to get our flat sorted. And we had a great time :) Fell in love with loads of stuff and have plans to spend lots of money!

So tomorrow I'm going to start on my queue now I have yarn :) Think I might do the monkey for Trev first, and then do the baby hoody.Then I'll see how I feel. It's a shame that buying good cotton for my Cupcake was so expensive - for the 900 or so metres of yarn I needed I spent over £36. The one I've bought seems to be slightly more luxurious than normal cotton - which only worked out very slightly cheaper. Really hope it turns out well. I'll need to start swatching soon and making sure it'll be ok! Very excited though, to be getting started.

Watch this space for pics and updates!

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Tester Little Star Afghan

In advance of starting a larger afghan, hopefully next week, I've attempted to start this pattern with a larger hook and yarn - the yarn I want to use for the actual project is DK weight.

Really happy with how this has come out - looking forward to starting the full-sized item next week. This one is only 4 rounds wide, but am now ready and raring to go :)



Sunday, 6 April 2008

Finished Sweet Baby Hoody!


At last it is finished! :) It's taken me over a month but I have finally finished the Sweet Baby Hoody for my (now ex) colleague's baby.

Overall I am pretty happy with it - it's the first garment I've made and I think it's gone quite well. Unfortunately I don't think my seaming has come out very well - definitely something I need more practice on I think. The seams where I have stitched the arms and hood together are fine, but it's wherever I've had to join things to other bits that I'm not so happy.

One thing I think has come out really well is the white edging - this had to be done in reverse single crochet - something I haven't done before and which feels completely unnatural because you work left to right. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but I think it's looking good! It creates a weird twisted edging effect that I really like.


I do think I also sewed the buttons on a bit badly (too close to the edge) but they still look good. It doesn't look BAD - but I'm just a perfectionist.

It took just over 3 balls of blue yarn (the 4th ball was used only to finish off the hood and for the yarn I needed to stitch everything together) and hardly any at all of the white yarn.

I hope to give this to the intended recipient this week - although I've made it 12 mos sized, and the baby it's for was only born in January :)

I'll see if there's anything else I can think of to do with the rest of the yarn - perhaps a baby blanket (like the idea of a starghan) or some matching booties/hat/mittens or something as it should be cold enough by the time he can fit in it!

Off to see what else I can make :)