Sunday, 6 April 2008

Finished Sweet Baby Hoody!


At last it is finished! :) It's taken me over a month but I have finally finished the Sweet Baby Hoody for my (now ex) colleague's baby.

Overall I am pretty happy with it - it's the first garment I've made and I think it's gone quite well. Unfortunately I don't think my seaming has come out very well - definitely something I need more practice on I think. The seams where I have stitched the arms and hood together are fine, but it's wherever I've had to join things to other bits that I'm not so happy.

One thing I think has come out really well is the white edging - this had to be done in reverse single crochet - something I haven't done before and which feels completely unnatural because you work left to right. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but I think it's looking good! It creates a weird twisted edging effect that I really like.


I do think I also sewed the buttons on a bit badly (too close to the edge) but they still look good. It doesn't look BAD - but I'm just a perfectionist.

It took just over 3 balls of blue yarn (the 4th ball was used only to finish off the hood and for the yarn I needed to stitch everything together) and hardly any at all of the white yarn.

I hope to give this to the intended recipient this week - although I've made it 12 mos sized, and the baby it's for was only born in January :)

I'll see if there's anything else I can think of to do with the rest of the yarn - perhaps a baby blanket (like the idea of a starghan) or some matching booties/hat/mittens or something as it should be cold enough by the time he can fit in it!

Off to see what else I can make :)






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