Friday, 18 April 2008

Loooooadsa yarn shopping!

Today was a good day :)

Trev came to meet me in London and I had the afternoon off. So we had lots of plans for things we wanted to do!

Firstly we posted the third One Skein Scarf that I had done in my Almerino yarn to Trev's sister as a surprise gift. Before moving on to lunch, we stopped to take a couple of picture's of Banksy's latest artwork, which is on the road next to my office. We then had a very interesting lunch at Imli (an Indian tapas restaurant) before going onto what was going to be the highlight of my day - YARN SHOPPING!

I had plans to buy the yarn for the following:

- My Cupcake top from the Happy Hooker
- Trev's Amigurumi Monkey
- Baby Hoody for Trev's colleague's baby
- Extra yarn to make a Little Star Afghan

So I ended up buying the following (and spending £72!!! Eeep!)

- 6 x Rich Red Rowan Calmer - for my Cupcake
- 6 x Lilac Sirdar Snuggly DK - for the hoody and afghan
- 1 x White Sirdar Snuggly DK - for the afghan
- 1 x Red Sirdar Snuggly DK - for Trev's monkey
- 1 x Black Sirdar Wash n Wear DK - for Trev's monkey
- 1 x Dark Brown Sirdar Country Style - for monkey
- 1 x Light Brown Sirdar Country Style - for monkey
- 5 x Little white flower buttons - for hoody
- 1 x bag of bean pellets - for filling monkey

Quite the haul! So after buying all this (we needed a BIG basket whilst in John Lewis :) ) we then had to drag it on the Underground as we had plans of going to IKEA! Now I know it sounds lame, but I was really excited about going because I've never been to an IKEA before and there was loads of stuff I wanted to get a look at as we want to get our flat sorted. And we had a great time :) Fell in love with loads of stuff and have plans to spend lots of money!

So tomorrow I'm going to start on my queue now I have yarn :) Think I might do the monkey for Trev first, and then do the baby hoody.Then I'll see how I feel. It's a shame that buying good cotton for my Cupcake was so expensive - for the 900 or so metres of yarn I needed I spent over £36. The one I've bought seems to be slightly more luxurious than normal cotton - which only worked out very slightly cheaper. Really hope it turns out well. I'll need to start swatching soon and making sure it'll be ok! Very excited though, to be getting started.

Watch this space for pics and updates!

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Anonymous said...

Any day that includes shopping for yarn is a good day! I will be embarking on such a trip shortly as well. I just need to decide what I want to work on next.