Thursday, 24 April 2008

Monkey monkey!


Recently finished my very first crocheted toy - an amigurumi monkey (at least I think he's classed as amigurumi!)

Started him at the weekend for Trev after doing my mammoth yarn shop on Friday but we had a change of plan on Tuesday. Trev's sister and her son (our nephew) were in London on Tuesday night and Trev planned to go down and see them on Wednesday - we thought the monkey would make a nice present for Adam (he's 6). So, cue mad crocheting on Tuesday night to do the tail, both arms, and to put the thing together! Finished at 11:45pm - then had to be up at 5:15am to go to work! Was very tired yesterday :)

He's stuff with cotton wool - rather than the the pellets I bought - as I used that for stuffing his head and it felt quite good! The next one I do will be all stuffed with pellets instead.

I think I stitched his ears too far back on his head and his eyes are a bit too high, but overall I think he looks cute. I crocheted the eyes, using a magic loop of 3 or 4 stitches, joined (can't remember). Because I tried attaching the limbs before stuffing it, the limbs don't sit quite properly - which is something I'll do differently next time.

On the tail, I didn't make it all from the main body colour - I made the tip from the lighter but I did 6 rows, when perhaps 4 would have done - again else to do a different way next time.

So Trev took the monkey with him, down to London to see his family. We had hoped to take some pictures of the monkey at major London sites - St. Pancras, the British Museum etc, but unfortunately time did not allow!

Thankfully Adam LOVES Trev the monkey (very cute that he's named it after my hubby) and asked him to say thank you to me.

So now I have to make another one! Trev has requested I make the new one in his football team's colours - claret and blue. We'll see :)






thepiratehooker said...

I think that the monkey is fabulous! Very cute.

I have yet to try my hand at any type of toy...

azzy said...

They're really easy - all single crochet with a few increases and decreases as you go. If you can learn to do the Magic Adjustable Ring when you start off, it's really easy.

The only problem is that it can hurt my hands to crochet so tight, but the cuteness of the end result is well worth it :)