Wednesday, 30 April 2008

New hooks (and more on the way!)

I realised that I've completely forgotten to post about my new Hamanaka hooks that arrived recently :)

I wanted to treat myself to some nice new hooks, that are more comfortable (I suffer from tendonitis in both wrists so it can hurt sometimes!), and these Hamanaka ones seemed to fit the bill perfectly. I hold my hook like a knife, not a pencil, so wasn't how well something like the Clover Soft Touch Hooks would work for me.

So, one purchase from SaucyLouise on Etsy later, and I am the proud owner of a lovely set of Hamanaka hooks and a case to keep them in!



I've had these a couple of weeks now and LOVE using them. So much so, that on Monday night, my wonderful other half bought me the remaining hooks I need to complete my set :) Can't wait for them to arrive!

The other perk of buying new hooks is that these new ones are correctly sized, unlike my cheapo hooks I bought from eBay. It seems that the hook I thought was a 6.0mm, is actually a 5.0mm, which explains why all my of gauges seem to have been completely wrong. It's a relief to know that it's not me, but the hook! Fingers crossed that this won't be an issue any more.

Been very busy on the crochet front this week tho! Been working away on the baby hoody (particularly on my commute), and now just have to finish the sleeve I am on, do one more, then seam and trim it. Should be finished by the weekend - ready to go to it's recipient on Monday :) Really like how the lilac is working up - even though initially I wasn't too keen. Pics to come soon! Normally I take work in progress photos, but I haven't done this time.

I love crochet :)

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