Monday, 5 May 2008

Another Finished Baby Hoody - in record time!

I have finished my second baby hoody! Hurrah! This one was started last Saturday, so it has taken me just over a week - not bad at all. I actually had all of it done on Friday - but I put off finishing the seaming until today. I've learned that I hate sewing seams and I'm no good at it. Oh well. (Pattern is here on Ravelry or here on the Bernat site.)


But it doesn't look too bad eh? :) Unfortunately you can't really see the colour in the photos - it's actually a lovely soft lilac - very feminine and pretty and girly.

I made the 12 month's size again - and followed the pattern except for one small detail (well, perhaps two!) Instead of putting the shells all the way around the garment, I thought this would look too fussy and so I stuck with the reverse sc all the way around the edge, similar to the boy's hoody. The shells I only did on the cuffs, and here I amended how I did them, compared to the pattern. I thought the pattern made the shells too large and not very well defined - so I changed them to be smaller and a bit "prettier", I think :)

I managed to forget to add the first row of sc that you're meant to do on the cuffs first (I am a blonde AND a dope - there is truly no hope for me) but worked the shells this way: started with one sc, {sk 1, dc 5 in same st, sk 1, sc} - and repeat whats in the { }. This has given me 7 smaller shells round the edge and I think this looks much neater.

Not too sure when this will be packaged up and sent to it's tiny recipient, but I'll be sure to let you know when.

You'll see from my pics that the left arm (right in the picture) seam is awful around the sleeve - really don't know what went wrong. My Nan (who is an avid knitter but doesn't crochet much because she can't understand the patterns) recommends that next time I attempt backstitch on my side seams - to make them a bit studier - because once again I mangled these and it BUGS me that my inner seams looks neater than my outside seam. Grrr. I tell myself that a baby won't care. It doesn't help, but that's what I'm telling myself!

I've been up to lots this Bank Holiday weekend, but I'll put the rest of that in another post (although chances are I'll forget it before I write it down).

Here are more cutie baby hoody pics :)








Laurah said...

So pretty! I like how the sheels really pop folded on the sleeve. The crab stitch is a nice edge, too. I also have problems with seaming. I can get the pieces sewn just fine, but maing everything look nice is much harder. I think it's because they just say 'sew pieces together'. That is much easier said than done!

azzy said...

Thank you :) It's good to find someone else who thinks the instructions for finishing are rubbish! I think they even tell you to do the edging around the whole garment BEFORE sewing the side seams - how does that work?

That said, right now I'd take seaming over the issues I'm having with gauge on my current project! A nightmare :(