Friday, 9 May 2008

Baby Starghan

Yet another baby item! If I didn't know better I'd say there was something strange going on, but definitely no baby Azzys (or Trevs) on the way. It's just that everyone we know keeps having babies! So instead of having to crochet something on demand, I though I'd try and crochet something to get ahead of the game.

Unfortunately my Cupcake top has gone into temporary hibernation (boo hiss) because my issues with gauge were driving me nuts and I've had enough of swatching. So I've put it to one side and will come back to it once I've de-stashed a bit. But I have to get it done before I dare attempt anything more difficult (heaven forbid if I can't even manage that!) so it will be done. Soon. At some point!

But look at this - isn't it just adorable (if I do say so myself and sorry for crappy mobile phone pic!):


This is a Chromium Star Blanket - yes Laura aka thekidneybean I'm looking at you :) I've only done 6 rounds on it but it works up nice and quick! Eventually it will have 3 rounds lilac/1 round white/3 rounds blue/1 row white and so on.

Laura's lovely starghan pattern is the best pattern for this sort of blanket I've managed to find so far and you can find it here or on Ravelry. I love that it leaves no holey bits like other blankets and the instructions are super easy and clear. She uses a couple of modified stitches to eliminate the holes and it works brilliantly.

Love how the colours are working together - it could perhaps be suitable for either a boy or girl by the time it's finished - and because it's done in DK weight and in washable yarn, it's very baby friendly. Could be either a blanket, or playmat or anything.

Now I know last week I didn't succumb to the urge of Posh Yarns, but today the preview for Sunday has been posted and I have my beady little eye on a couple of things. I won't share what I'm after because I have a mildly competitive streak :) Not that I think for a minute that enough people read this blog to care, but meh :) Watch this space for either happiness or sadness on Sunday (although I will definitely be sad because on Monday I have to go back to work after a week off :( )

Let's hope I get the Starghan finished before I have to go back :)


Amanda said...

You've been tagged! See my blog for rules.

Laurah said...

Love those colors for the starblanket! Green and purple are favorites of mine and yellow was my first favorite color. Can't wait to see the whole FO!

azzy said...

Glad you like it Laura! It's taking me a while to finish now I've gone back to work, but it's coming on the train with me now - even though it's getting a bit big and unwieldy.

Haha. The looks on the other commuter's faces when I whip out this blanket and start working on it is priceless! :)