Monday, 5 May 2008

Busy Crochet Weekend!

We in the UK are very lucky to be having a Bank Holiday this weekend (well, not as lucky as the rest of Europe - they get more of them than we do, but anyway...) so most of us get today (Monday) off. Not only that, but I have booked the rest of this week off so I have oodles of time at home with my Trev and crazy Kooky (who just leapt on the table I typed this and nibbled my husband on the arm. She will nibble him now on command (I told him teaching her this was a BAD idea) however she sometimes gets a bit overexcited and properly bites him. Anyway.)

This means lots of crochet-related goodness this week and hopefully a new garment for me to wear - once I get my finger out and get started :)

It was lovely to see my Nan today - she lives much closer to London and we don't drive, so we often only tend to see her when one of my more mobile family members picks her up for a day out. And today was one of those days :) As mentioned in my earlier post, my Nan is an avid knitter and used to knit all the time for us when we were little. She had 8 grandchildren within a relatively short time so was completely overworked for years, but we never ran out of handknits :) Yay for Nans!

She taught me to knit a loooong time ago - when what I wanted most in the world was to make a Peter Rabbit stuffed toy. Needless to say it turned out awfully because I was so small, and I've been somewhat put off the pointy sticks since. However at some point I would like to learn again and she has said she will teach me :) She can crochet a bit, but has never gotten truly into it because she can't understand crochet patterns. I'll have to see if I can fix that :) She was very impressed by some of my finished items that I showed her - especially pictures of the amigurumi monkey I made for Adam. She found it hard to believe that it was crocheted. She loves crochet for all the lacy things you can make with it - at some point I'd love to make her a nice lacy shawl - need to find a pattern first and some tasty yarn.

Yarn. That brings me onto a point that could have cost me a lot of money this weekend!

If you look at the linkypoos to my right, you'll see Posh Yarns listed. Now Posh Yarns list a load of new stock every week and it only goes for sale every Sunday at 6pm GMT. Cue made stampede buying and everything selling out within 10 minutes. The problem is, it's all GORGEOUS and I wanted some. One of the next patterns I want to make is the Go For Baroque top from the Happy Hooker crochet book. Unfortunately I couldn't see enough yarn in a colour and weight I liked on Posh Yarns to be able to think about making it. Plus it would have cost me a fortune as I'm a fairly big girl and would need more yarn than the average lady!

Cue shooting over to Ravelry to see what patterns I could find in yarns and colourways I liked that WERE available. And I stumbled on this:

Hopefully Lily won't mind me showing this picture here - Lily's site is also on a link to the right (Lily Go) and you can browse some of her patterns that she makes for both knit and crochet (some of her stuff really makes me wish I could knit). Go and have a look, because it is gorgeous!

I saw the Dahlia top, and I fell in love. Promptly bought the pattern, and unfortunately I do think it's a little out of my league at the moment but in my queue for a few month's time once my skills have improved.

The upside of this, is that I have been saved from expensive yarn purchase :) I was online at Posh Yarns at 6, but deliberated until about 10 past as to whether I wanted to buy some sock yarn or not, by which point it had all gone. Oh well :( Hopefully in the next few weeks they'll get some Aran yarn in stock and I can make myself another One Skein Scarf in some tasty colours :)

So now the baby hoody is finished, I am making a (Kitty Cuddle Mat for a charity CAL (crochet-along) on Ravelry to try and use up some yarn.

Once that's done, I'm going to start on my Cupcake top! Yay! I shall be using the wonderfully luscious (but heinously expensive) Rowan Calmer yarn:


Can't wait! My new Hamanaka hooks should also arrive this week - as they were shipped on Wednesday from Japan - then I shall have the whole set. More pics to bore you with once they turn up.

Right, now I've bored you all half to death, I need to go and finish some work. Unfortunately I've had to do a little bit of working from home this weekend to finish something off - as an almight and all-powerful company who shall not be mentioned managed to screw something up royally and I have to do something manually bit by bit, rather than have it all done super quick and automatically. Not fun. But that's life. I shall reward myself with crochet when I'm done - although I'm not sure I deserve any after procrastinating by:

1) Finishing off the baby hoody
2) Taking loads of pictures of it
3) Writing 2 blog posts
4) Surfing Ravelry

But we'll see. And Trev has just cracked open a particularly lovely bottle of Jacob's Creek Three Vines red, so chances are much work won't get done. Oh well :)

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