Thursday, 29 May 2008

Completed Baby Starghan

Well, I've decided to not keep the baby starghan - it is soft and snuggly and warm but I should do to the right thing and give it to a baby as intended :) When it comes to making one for us I'll use some thicker yarn so I can make it bigger, faster.

I'm quite happy with how it's come out - unfortunately some of my points are curling slightly to the right because my tension was a bit wonky - but the border has helped that a bit. I also did the hdc on the border a bit too tightly and so it doesn't lay completely flat straight away but give it a stretch and it's fine :)

Here are some finished pictures:





I started to crochet another Skater Beanie on the bus home today - it will be black with red stripes.

And I also treated myself to a new book today which I'm waiting to have shipped:
Amazing Crochet Lace by Doris Chan. There's loads of things in here I like the look of - will be lovely to have a look at the book and try and find a few new things to try.

So much that I want to work on now. And loads of people seem to be really keen on my Skater Beanie pattern. It's been favourited by 31 people, queued by 16 and I've had 2 pattern testers start on projects - one of whom has finished. Her hats look wicked :) And I now have 6 pattern testers!

Can't wait to get it fully loaded onto Ravelry :)

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