Thursday, 22 May 2008

New Beanie Hat pattern in the works

With the same yarn that I made the amigurumi monkey with, Trev wanted me to make him another couple of beanies: one in chocolate brown with oatmeal stripes and one in oatmeal with chocolate stripes. He wanted the chocolate one first :)

So, because I couldn't find a pattern for a beanie using DK yarn that I liked (I saw one pattern but I wasn't keen - and it was mainly single crochet instead of the double I wanted to use) I've decided to design one myself.

The nice thing with a hat made from double knit is that it's still warm, but cool enough to wear on warmer days. Should be suitable for all but the hottest and coldest of weather.

You can see in the below pics how it's turned out - I'm really happy with it - but unfortunately it doesn't fit Trev's head as it's a bit too big. So, it's up for sale on Etsy. If anyone would like to purchase it, please click on the link to my Etsy store over there: ->




It's 23.5 inches wide - so it's perfect for anyone with a large noggin of 24 or so inches or wider. Used Sirdar Country Style DK - which is an acrylic/nylon/wool mix - so it's machine washable.

The pattern I'm designing will allow you to make a hat to fit any head - you just need to be able to take a few measurements and try it on as you go. A few lovely people have volunteered to test it for me on Ravelry - so the pattern will be available once I've had and incorporated their feedback. And of course once I've written it - which will be this weekend :)

Once finished you'll be able to download the pattern from Ravelry or here on my blog. It will be available for free :) Any suggestions for pattern names are welcome!

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