Saturday, 17 May 2008

(Now Not For) Baby Starghan

Ummm yeah... we've decided that we really like the snuggliness of the starghan as I've been working on it. And since I wasn't making it for an particular munchkin, we've decided to keep it for ourselves :)

I am currently on round 26 - I have it on my lap keeping my legs warm as I type this blog post :) It about 23" wide right now - the pattern called for a width of 33". Some of the points are starting to curl towards the right - I think this is to do with my tension and stitches. Still looks good though.


I've used up one ball of each colour (the white ball was already half gone anyway) and we want to make it as big as we can - so we can both snuggle with it on the sofa whilst watching a film or something. If I only use another ball of lilac and blue to make it bigger for us, I may have enough yarn left to make another small baby one - but we'll see. I may have other purposes for the yarn!

How so? Well I know a lot of people on Ravelry make items to go to their local hospital - for premature babies and sick babies on the maternity wards. These items are great because in the case of things like blankets the parents can bring them home with the baby, and often small things like this can help at what may be a difficult time. Can also make things like little baby hats and booties - all to be used to help keep baby warm.

A lovely lady at the Peterborough District Hospital is enquiring for me whether the maternity ward will accept such donations - hopefully I'll get an answer soon and it will be postive :) I already have someone else on Ravelry who wants to help make items.

I've also been bookmarking a whole host of stuff from Everyday Crochet. This book has arrived and I love soooo much stuff in it. The instructions are really clear - hopefully the stuff I make will fit beautifully - and I'll be able to get my gauge right! At the moment I want to make:

  • Cameo - a cute camisole top
  • Somnambulista - the Cameo top turned into a short dress/nightdress
  • Jewel - a very flattering, easy to wear jumper
  • Tall Latte - a gorgeous V-neck jumper with ribbed neck edging and cuffs
  • Cinnabar - a nice cardigan-type top layer
  • Eve's Rib Tunic - a lovely short-sleeved cowl neck jumper
  • Insight - another lovely floaty top layer
  • Outta Sight - this is a nice warm jacket/top layer - I plan to skip 2 colour blocks from this, and make it more of a tunic rather than a full length jacket. Will be perfect for cooler days.
Gonna be busy :) And will probably spend a small fortune in yarn!

The other book I ordered was Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Crochet. This is great for reference on techniques and stitch patterns etc. Some of the ideas in here are brilliant - I'll have to see if I can incorporate some of this into a design. Need to get round to designing something of course ;)

To close, here's a pic of Kooky that I've entered for the May Pretty Kitty contest. Weirded me out slightly as she seemed to almost be stood up on the back of the sofa... Plus her fur and eyes looked a gorgeous colour :)


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