Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Skater Beanie Pattern Being Tested!

Hurrah - my pattern went out to the testers yesterday. Got 4 lovely ladies from Ravelry testing it for me and one of them has already come back to me saying she's done one hat and it's worked out well! Pics etc will hopefully be taken of them tomorrow.

Really chuffed that the pattern seems to work so far - and judging by the response I've had from putting it up on Ravelry so far, people seem to like it! I've created the pattern entry online but haven't uploaded the pdf pattern yet - I'll wait for any suggestions and amends to come back from my testers before I finalise the pattern. I also want to be able to include pictures of my testers projects - so people can see a whole range of FOs.

Then it will be up on Ravelry for downloading free of charge - and there of course be links here on my blog :)

I've decided, that next up, I want to work on making a pattern for Pikmin plush toys! I'm going to start with the yellow one because I think it's the cutest - and he'll have a little flower on top :) I'll work my way around all of the colours, and the whole leaf/bud/flower thing. What do you think?


I'd love to do a Yoshi pattern, but I think someone else is working on one of those.

Watch this space :)

P.S. As an aside, I wore my Oatmeal Beanie to work today as it was chucking down with rain when I left the house. Was snuggly and warm and looked wicked!

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