Thursday, 8 May 2008

Yay more hooks and some cute pics

Have been cheered up today by the arrival of my remaining Hamanaka hooks :) So I now have the complete set of 16 hooks! Yay for hookage and pics:



These hooks are the super tiny hooks for working with thread and cobweb weight yarn - with hooks ranging from 1.75mm down to 0.75mm. To see how genuinely tiny these hooks are, have a look here:



The first pic is of the tiniest hook (0.75mm) and the second one shows the 1.75mm and the 0.75mm next to each other - I now have all hooks ranging from tiny to super tiny! Will definitely be great for when I get some thread and the confidence to try some more intricate projects.

Here's the complete set (and I must say thank you to my wonderful hubby for spoiling me with them):


Unfortunately not very high on confidence at the moment - I started on my Cupcake top this week and have some REAL problems with gauge. I can NEVER ever meet gauge for a project but often it's not that much of a problem as long as I can hit stitch gauge because all of the baby garments I have made give you the height of the garment in inches, rather than rows - so you just keep working until you get to the right height. So my optimism about it being my hooks rather than ME that was causing the problem, wasn't entirely accurate :(

Alas, my row gauge for the project is way off. I can fudge things by making 2 pattern sizes larger which means my row gauge will come out ok, but I'm getting 10.5 hdc in 3 inches instead of the 4 it should be, so things will be massively small.

Thankfully I've had some great advice from people on Ravelry (particularly CrochetWithDee ) so I'm hoping that I can improve on my technique and move forwards. For the time being, the best interim solution seems to be to bump waaay up to an 8.0mm hooks (from the 6.0mm I was using and the 5.5mm the pattern calls for) which does unfortunately mean using one of my old aluminium hooks. But as long as it works that's the main thing :)

Now I've depressed you all, I'll cheer you up with some cute kitty pictures. Kooky loves having her picture taken - she has a certain expression that she always poses with:


Her eye bless her looks quite bad in these photos - she has an issue with one of her eyes tearing quite badly but it's no reason for concern. Just needs a wipe with a tissue occasionally.


She is a cutie - she absolutely loves it when I comb her - she goes mental - need to try and get some video footage of that if I can. Never had a cat that actually enjoyed being combed! But she is a bit of a fruitcake. But we love her.

She's been making a few tentative steps outside recently - she's always been an indoor cat but we have a fairly secure garden and are happy for her to go out if we're keeping an eye on her. She has progressed from sniffing the air outside, to standing on the back step, to making one step outside then running back in, to now walking around on the patio and eating a few bits of long grass. She's yet to venture off the patio but we'll see what happens :)

And to finish, a picture of my hubby Trev playing his guitar and amp that I bought him:


We love Ernie Ball guitars - Trev's guitar is an Albert Lee and I play a Sterling Bass. There's a get together for all of the UK EB forumites in June at the London Guitar Show - can't wait to go!

Right - off to make some more swatches for my Cupcake top... grrr... I would vent my frustration by whooping some people online on Mario Kart Wii, but I've had enough of that after earlier - the same 2 people kept choosing the same track OVER and OVER again - we ended up playing the GC DK Mountain track about 4 times. I had enough when it was selected again and just switched the damn thing off!

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