Friday, 20 June 2008

Bah Humbug!


I actually finished this hat on Sunday (it's now Friday) - I've just been really short on time this week with work and stuff. On Sunday I also finished a swatch of broomstick lace which looked much better and more how it should. I've frogged it already but am a bit more confident about trying it again.

However because I've taken to hairpin lace a bit better, I've bumped up the hairpin lace patterns above the Hourglass Jacket pattern and will attempt those first. However first on my queue is the Go For Baroque jacket as it's standard crochet and something I've really wanted to make for a while.

Back to the hat! I started this a week or so ago, and worked on it on the way to and from (as well as during) the London International Music Show. So this was my project on WWKIP day!

I did the hat this way for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I didn't have enough yarn (or I didn't think so) to make a skater beanie the same as I have done before. Also, Trev wanted a slightly stripier hat. And voila, the Mint Humbug beanie was born! So called because it reminds Trev of the mints we have here in the UK. Don't know if you have them in the States?


You'll notice that it doesn't have the usual stripes that the other hats have as this one is just solid stripes of 2 rows of dc at a time. So instead of working the 5 dc's rows worth of striping as per the pattern, I worked 4 rows of dc, 1 row of hdc and one row of sc - amending colour where appropriate. The row of hdc and sc is equal to one row of dc.

I've added instructions on how to do this into the pattern - which I've just uploaded onto Ravelry - this will follow in the next post.

Trev loves this hat - he can't wait for the weather to be cooler so he can wear it! It's also a perfect fit for him. I was worried about it coming out a bit big for him, so I added 3 dc decreases - one at the back and then one at each of the sides which managed to make the width overall spot on for him.


I think I've had enough of hats for a while now!

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