Monday, 30 June 2008

Gift from Hubby

Trev bought me a gift :) A little prezzy from Purlescence. He had it gift-wrapped for me and everything - it came wrapped in gold paper with a little tag with a message on it - which shall remain private!

But here is what he got me - with lots of close-ups because they are gorgeous:







These are made in Italy from hot forged carbon steel apparently - but they're beautiful. You can't see it in the pictures, but they have the most beautiful blue tint to them in daylight.

They come in a tiny little leather sheath/case thing and they fit perfectly in with my Hamanaka hooks in the case I have for everything. Updated pics of that to come at the weekend. Something else of heirloom quality for my collection! I love how these looks years old and I'm sure they'll last forever.

I love these! Hope to get some Snipz Tipz for these but I don't know how they'll fit in my case after that!

To my lovely Trev - I love you xxx

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