Saturday, 28 June 2008

Half Price Yarn at Liberty

I'm not sure whether to thank or curse the ladies at the Stitch and Bitch London group on Ravelry. There happened to be a mention of a half price yarn sale going on.

Now, I tend to be a John Lewis girl - because we have one in Peterborough and the one on Oxford Street is really easy to find - you'd have to be super blind to miss it (and this is coming from someone incredibly short-sighted!) and have never been to Liberty in recent memory. I have vague memories of being dragged round what I think was a Liberty in Cambridge when I was really young - and hating every second of it, as you do when you're small. The trade-off was that I'd get to go book shopping after, but anyway...

I haven't been to the one in London - in fact I had no idea where it was, other than somewhere between John Lewis and All The Fun Of The Fair. So I looked it up yesterday and toddled off at lunchtime. It's actually really close - much closer than either of the other shops and OMG the building is stunning. It's a lovely HUGE old big Tudor building with several floors that looks stunning from the outside. However inside was just as, if not more gorgeous. The only problem was that I felt a bit underdressed as the shop is a tad posh - and I strolled in, in my jeans, trainers and a hoody!

However eventually I managed to find the yarn department and what a department! They have loads of it there - although it's almost all Rowan - but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The main reason I wanted to go was to get some 4 ply cotton - as I'm quite keen to make the Go For Baroque jacket and I had been told there was loads there!

And they weren't wrong! And moreover, it was cheap! Whole bags of 10 balls (so about 1800 yards) reduced from nearly £40 to £20! Bargain - as it would be enough to make the top and have plenty left over. Ideally I was after black, but they didn't have any - so I ended up trying to decide between a sky blue, silver/grey/blue and a dark lilac. In the end I went for the silvery/blue which is officially known as Shale, apparently:



Of all the colours I saw I think it's the one that will look best with my colouring, and this will go nicest with the jeans that seem to make up most of my daily outfits.

I've started to swatch for this top - and will blog about that later :)

Now the only problem with buying half price yarn, is that you almost feel obligated to buy twice as much because it's so cheap! So I got suckered in to buying more yarn. I came across some Luxury Cotton DK, that I thought would be perfect for the Lotus Smock pattern I bought recently. So I had to ring Trev to check yardage, but joy of joys, one bag would be enough! Cue purchase of a second bag of yarn - this time reduced to £17.50 from £35.



I think this yarn will work really well for the Lotus - with the small amount of silk it has and the rayon/viscose, it should drape beautifully.

So in total I only spent £37.50 - which I think is remarkably restrained given what was on offer! And I only bought yarn for specific things I am planning to make, that were already at the top of my queue! Although it would have been VERY to buy yarn just because it was pretty :)

I am trying to buy some yarn from Ravelry to make the Hairpin Lace Cardi Wrap - I want to buy some black Lion Brand Microspun that's up for sale. So that's 3 or so new projects in the works, along with the Cupcake top I need to finish and Trev's West Ham monkey!

So many projects... so little time :)

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