Monday, 2 June 2008

Return of the swatch!

I am either brave, or dumb. Or perhaps both. No, definitely dumb. Why? I hear you ask?

Because I am swatching for my Cupcake again! I've decided to give it another go - this time I'm making a deliberate effort to crochet loosely, and to make my stitches tall. I'm trying again with a 6.0mm hook - if this doesn't work I'll try a 7.0mm - but my main issue was my stitches not being tall enough, which hook size won't massively change.

So far, the swatch I'm doing is coming out ok-ish in terms of row count - although my stitch count is still way off... we'll see what happens. I seriously do not understand how people have been able to get gauge on this. Oh well. Doesn't help that my gauge is useless as hell. Meh.

In other crochet news from today, the baby starghan has gone! I've given it to a colleague of mine at work whose sister is pregnant. She doesn't know what she's having yet - indeed she's only just found out, but the blanket is suitable for either a boy or a girl and my colleague loved it. Yay for giftage! I love giving away things I've crocheted. Such a nice feeling when you give something to someone and they love it!

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