Monday, 9 June 2008

Stash basket or kitty basket?

I thought it would be a nice idea to have a wicker basket or two to store my stash and finished items. I'd had a look online and couldn't see anything I fancied. So, yesterday I rang my Mum (who knows about such things) to ask whether there's any specific retailer I should consider.

Her answer? All of them. But then she says that she has a spare basket from a set of 3 from John Lewis that I can have. And it's lined. And it's big. Ooooh.

Today my Dad dropped it round - apologies for the poor picture - I'll take some better ones at the weekend once I'm at home at decent hours:


Now, in typical cat fashion, Kooky, who I'm sure would have absolutely no interest in any kind of bed we may buy for her, made a beeline for this almost as soon as this had been unwrapped. And the second she thinks we are not looking, she's in it! I thought she was going to use it as a bed, but then she decided to attack it (see below) and then decided to use it as a bathtub and have a wash.


Little freak!

I'm going to fill this up with yarn and other goodies later. May have room to put some of my FO's in there as well.

Further updates to come!

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Anonymous said...

Hehe. Henry loves the baskets. I used to keep my stash in a basket until Henry found it and started laying on top of everything...or throwing the yarn out of the basket to play with...

It is a lovely basket and I think it will work wonderfully for your stash.