Sunday, 1 June 2008

Yet another finished beanie! And thoughts on broomstick lace...

First post of the month, first FO :) Ironically I actually finished this hat last night whilst watching Pushing Daisies but didn't take photos of it until this morning.

Speaking of which, I LOVE Pushing Daisies. Absolutely brilliant programme and I'm gutted that it was the end of the season last night here in the UK. But what an end and what a twist! All very interesting :) Can't wait for my DVD that I've preordered to come!

Anyway, back to the hat. Finished another hat last night then - this one in black with red stripes. This yarn is a bit stretchier, so it's come out a bit baggier than I intended - and so looks a bit loose on Trev's head in the photo. So probably suitable for about the same sized head as my chocolate beanie.



This one has the advantage of being machine washable and tumbleable (dryable??) so it's super easycare.

And it's now for sale in my Etsy store over there ->

How's that for shameless promotion? :)

In other recent developments, I've decided to attempt Broomstick Lace! After watching numerous videos from the lovely Jennifer at StitchDiva Studios, I am determined to make her Hourglass Jacket - which is here on her site, or can also be found here on Ravelry. I LOVE this pattern and can't wait to make it. And Jennifer's tutorials are brilliant and very clear. (I'm certain she was using a Hamanaka hook in her videos - same as mine!) Am going to do some test Broomstick swatches at some point soon, just to make sure I've got the hang of the technique. Need to find something to use as a stick first... Hmmm...

The only issue with Jennifer's site besides all the lovely patterns on her side which make me want to spend money and make me weep at the inadequacy of my crochet skills, is that I now want to acquire new tools to work with - specifically the Jenkins Knitting Needles I will need for my Hourglass Jacket, and these gorgeous hairpin lace looms. They do a cheaper model in Walnut, but I lurve the Purpleheart one. Trev has been informed of future crochet-related giftage potential :)

Right - I'm off to purchase Jennifer's Hourglass Jacket pattern and to hunt for a broomstick. I leave you with this family shot of my recently finished beanies:


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