Saturday, 26 July 2008

Tra-La! My first ever garment for me!

I have finally, at long last, finished and taken pictures of, my Go For Baroque jacket. It's Saturday now, but I actually finished it and blocked it on Wednesday night, and it took until yesterday for it to be dry enough for me to try on and hang up.

Because we are being blessed with some sunshine at the moment (I would say cursed because I can't stand the heat and I burn so easily) I thought some outside pictures would be nice. And they are, except they really distort the colour of the yarn. It looks much lighter in these photos, than it does in reality.





I'm pulling such an attractive face in that photo because it was so bright, the sun was making me squint!!!

I shall definitely be wearing this on Monday - as several co-workers are quite keen to see how it turned out - as they saw me crocheting bits of it and work and I've been raving about it for a little while :) Plus I see my family on Monday's, so I can show it off to my mum and sister too!

So, I made a few changes to this. First of all, because my row gauge was a bit short, I added 2 extra rows to the lower body to lengthen it a bit - as I wanted it to be a bit longer than it looked in the Happy Hooker book anyway.

As a result I also had to add an extra 2 rows to each of the arms, to ensure they were long enough.

The final crocheted change I made was to add a 4th row to the front panels - make them a bit wider. I think the top looks a bit more "balanced" this way too.

As for closures, I didn't like the idea or look of ribbon, and even though I tried crocheting some cords, I didn't like the way they looked when I tried to tie it. Sooo, I hit on the idea of a button - but given the fact that the top is slightly small, I couldn't do buttons all the way down.

Because the top is a bit loose around the neck, it made sense to put the closure there to tighten things up. Also helps the jacket fall and drape in a nice way. I nicked the button from my pink and grey iPod cozy - think it works quite well :)

I think if I was to make it again, I'd make the next size up as this is probably a bit smaller/tighter than I'd like it to be. But a lesson learned, and I think it still looks good! Took me about 3 weeks in total - not too bad I think.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Go For Baroque nearly finished!

I'm so excited :) I am halfway through the second sleeve, so in 7 repeats time, the jacket will be finished!

I did loads on it at the weekend. I finished the first sleeve, and lacking the will to start on the second (seeing as the first took me a week) I did the front panels and edging. I did 3 rows for the front panel, instead of 4, as I wanted to make it a bit wider to ensure it fits. Which, I'm incredibly happy to say, it does. So I started sleeve 2 on Sunday night and between time at home and commuting, it's half done.

Why 14 repeats instead of 12? Well I added an extra 2 repeats to the body, and my gauge has continued to be slightly off for the arms, so I've added an extra 2 repeats there as well. If it comes out too long after blocking I can rip out a row or so. But I shouldn't need.

Was so excited getting the body done - really makes it look finished and it was great to be able to try it on properly. No pics unfortunately as I didn't take any at the weekend and I'm at work now, so you'll just have to wait for pics before and after blocking. But here are some photos I did after adding the back rows - before I started on the arms:




First proper garment! Yay! Can't wait to be able to wear it out next week.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Kings of Leon and Twitter!

Just a quick non-crochet related blog post for a change! Normal service will be resumed very shortly though, as I have to give an update on how I'm doing with my Go For Baroque jacket.

Anyhoo, Trev and I have been desperate to see the Kings of Leon for ages. They were excellent at Glastonbury last year and this year and we could do was watch them on the telly. We'd wanted to try and get tickets to V Festival, but that involved camping and they were just far too expensive.

So, imagine our joy on Wednesday when we read that they've announced a UK Arena Tour in December! A total off 11 gigs playing the O2 in London, as well as places like Brighton, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham etc. Our closest gig, besides the one at the O2 is Nottingham - at the Trent FM arena. We decided on this as the O2 would be absolutely heaving, and the cost of staying overnight in London would be extortionate - even though I wouldn't have to pay for my own train ticket. Plus the gig tickets themselves were more expensive.

The tickets were going to to up for sale on Friday 18th at 9am, with a pre-sale Thursday 17th a 9am. So, cue me, from half 8 onwards on Thursday pressing refresh on my monitor at work like a crazy person to ensure that I'd be one of the first to get tickets. Which, I'm very proud and pleased to say, I was! We bought 4 tickets - seating as although I'd love standing, I have the weakest bladder in the world which means I'd lose any position I might gain at the front - plus it will be absolutely rammed. If we can't find anyone who wants to go with us, we'll sell the tickets online or something.

So come Tuesday 2nd December, well be occupying block 16, row R, seats 1-4 :) It's my first ever gig (I know - what a sheltered life I've led!) and I'm sooooo excited!

Finally, I just thought I'd let you know that I'm Twitter. We've been playing with it at work recently, but I have my own personal Twitter, where I'll microblog on the move and tweet about goodness knows what else. Follow me - it could be fun! :) You can see some of my most recent Tweets over there: --->

Friday, 4 July 2008

Progress on Go For Baroque

Making good progress on my Go For Baroque jacket! Having a few second thoughts about a few things - whether I should have made the 38 instead of the 35 (Large instead of Medium) and whether I should have added an extra repeat before starting the back and fronts.

I made the Medium instead of the Large because my bust is about 38 and I don't think the jacket is meant to meet in the middle - so it kinda made sense to me - but we'll see what happens once I progress a bit further.

On the adding an extra repeat thing, my gauge was ever so slightly short, and I have a long body anyway! In the pics you can see that what I have done so far comes down to about waist level and given that I am a bit curvy this may work out quite well - as the change in direction should help it fan out over my hips. But I don't know. If I make another, I may have to add an extra row, if blocking and hanging up doesn't sort it.

I have really stretched it in the pics - to try and show the motif off as well as possible. I think it looks quite good so far!



I wasn't actually meant to join the fronts to the back until I had added the lower back section, but I wanted to see how it fitted and estimate whether I will need to add any more back rows. Which I think I will.

But needless to say, it's going to be blocked to hell to make it fit me :) If it still doesn't, I'll see if my sister wants to buy it from me, or if any of the ladies at work want to buy a lovely hand-crocheted jacket!