Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Go For Baroque nearly finished!

I'm so excited :) I am halfway through the second sleeve, so in 7 repeats time, the jacket will be finished!

I did loads on it at the weekend. I finished the first sleeve, and lacking the will to start on the second (seeing as the first took me a week) I did the front panels and edging. I did 3 rows for the front panel, instead of 4, as I wanted to make it a bit wider to ensure it fits. Which, I'm incredibly happy to say, it does. So I started sleeve 2 on Sunday night and between time at home and commuting, it's half done.

Why 14 repeats instead of 12? Well I added an extra 2 repeats to the body, and my gauge has continued to be slightly off for the arms, so I've added an extra 2 repeats there as well. If it comes out too long after blocking I can rip out a row or so. But I shouldn't need.

Was so excited getting the body done - really makes it look finished and it was great to be able to try it on properly. No pics unfortunately as I didn't take any at the weekend and I'm at work now, so you'll just have to wait for pics before and after blocking. But here are some photos I did after adding the back rows - before I started on the arms:




First proper garment! Yay! Can't wait to be able to wear it out next week.


Lisa said...

I'm trying to make this currently and I'm having a horrible time with it. On Row 20, it says, "Work even in established pattern." Some have interpreted this to mean that I'm supposed to do rows 20-22 in the same as row 19... is that what you did?

azzy said...

Hi Lisa

What this means is that you need to continue in the lace pattern that you've been doing for the last 4 or so repeats. I don't know if you read the written instructions or if you are working from the chart but for rows 20-22 you carry on in the lace pattern, but only over the stitches you worked in row 19 - so not the whole length of the back. You DON'T work those rows the same as row 19.

Does that help at all? I can try and explain in more detail if you need. Just ping me your email address to azzywazzy at gmail.

Thanks :)

Lisa said...

It helped a lot. Thank you very much.