Saturday, 19 July 2008

Kings of Leon and Twitter!

Just a quick non-crochet related blog post for a change! Normal service will be resumed very shortly though, as I have to give an update on how I'm doing with my Go For Baroque jacket.

Anyhoo, Trev and I have been desperate to see the Kings of Leon for ages. They were excellent at Glastonbury last year and this year and we could do was watch them on the telly. We'd wanted to try and get tickets to V Festival, but that involved camping and they were just far too expensive.

So, imagine our joy on Wednesday when we read that they've announced a UK Arena Tour in December! A total off 11 gigs playing the O2 in London, as well as places like Brighton, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham etc. Our closest gig, besides the one at the O2 is Nottingham - at the Trent FM arena. We decided on this as the O2 would be absolutely heaving, and the cost of staying overnight in London would be extortionate - even though I wouldn't have to pay for my own train ticket. Plus the gig tickets themselves were more expensive.

The tickets were going to to up for sale on Friday 18th at 9am, with a pre-sale Thursday 17th a 9am. So, cue me, from half 8 onwards on Thursday pressing refresh on my monitor at work like a crazy person to ensure that I'd be one of the first to get tickets. Which, I'm very proud and pleased to say, I was! We bought 4 tickets - seating as although I'd love standing, I have the weakest bladder in the world which means I'd lose any position I might gain at the front - plus it will be absolutely rammed. If we can't find anyone who wants to go with us, we'll sell the tickets online or something.

So come Tuesday 2nd December, well be occupying block 16, row R, seats 1-4 :) It's my first ever gig (I know - what a sheltered life I've led!) and I'm sooooo excited!

Finally, I just thought I'd let you know that I'm Twitter. We've been playing with it at work recently, but I have my own personal Twitter, where I'll microblog on the move and tweet about goodness knows what else. Follow me - it could be fun! :) You can see some of my most recent Tweets over there: --->

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