Saturday, 26 July 2008

Tra-La! My first ever garment for me!

I have finally, at long last, finished and taken pictures of, my Go For Baroque jacket. It's Saturday now, but I actually finished it and blocked it on Wednesday night, and it took until yesterday for it to be dry enough for me to try on and hang up.

Because we are being blessed with some sunshine at the moment (I would say cursed because I can't stand the heat and I burn so easily) I thought some outside pictures would be nice. And they are, except they really distort the colour of the yarn. It looks much lighter in these photos, than it does in reality.





I'm pulling such an attractive face in that photo because it was so bright, the sun was making me squint!!!

I shall definitely be wearing this on Monday - as several co-workers are quite keen to see how it turned out - as they saw me crocheting bits of it and work and I've been raving about it for a little while :) Plus I see my family on Monday's, so I can show it off to my mum and sister too!

So, I made a few changes to this. First of all, because my row gauge was a bit short, I added 2 extra rows to the lower body to lengthen it a bit - as I wanted it to be a bit longer than it looked in the Happy Hooker book anyway.

As a result I also had to add an extra 2 rows to each of the arms, to ensure they were long enough.

The final crocheted change I made was to add a 4th row to the front panels - make them a bit wider. I think the top looks a bit more "balanced" this way too.

As for closures, I didn't like the idea or look of ribbon, and even though I tried crocheting some cords, I didn't like the way they looked when I tried to tie it. Sooo, I hit on the idea of a button - but given the fact that the top is slightly small, I couldn't do buttons all the way down.

Because the top is a bit loose around the neck, it made sense to put the closure there to tighten things up. Also helps the jacket fall and drape in a nice way. I nicked the button from my pink and grey iPod cozy - think it works quite well :)

I think if I was to make it again, I'd make the next size up as this is probably a bit smaller/tighter than I'd like it to be. But a lesson learned, and I think it still looks good! Took me about 3 weeks in total - not too bad I think.

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