Saturday, 2 August 2008

Forays into hairpin lace - Lotus Smock!

Well after finishing my Go For Baroque I knew I wanted to make something that involved Hairpin Lace. Initially I was going to make the Hairpin Lace Cardi Wrap using some black Microspun I bought, however the splittiness of the yarn put me off using that for my first project.

So, I settled on the more challenging looking Lotus Smock! I wanted to make this with some of the yarn I bought half-price at Liberty :) I was planning to make the dress version - as I don't know if I have the figure to carry off the camisole...

Anyhow, started this a week ago and took some getting used to - you work with the yarn double-stranded, so what is actually 2 loops per flip of the loom counts as 1, but you get used to it very quickly. And the joining of the strips is also very easy, as it uses just normal single crochet, slip stitch and chain stitches.

I wanted to make the dress so I could try it on as I went, so after doing strip one, I added the straps and the edging around the neck and armhole. By Monday night, after doing the second strip, it looked like this:


Not the most flattering of pictures because I managed to bunch it up round my waist and the strips aren't that stretched yet because it a) needs to be blocked, and b) needs the weight of the other strips to help pull it taut.

So I didn't really get the chance to work on it during the week, so it's gotten to Saturday and I've finally done strip 3 and attached it:


I think it's looking quite good now - still needs to be blocked and stretched, but I can't decide whether to leave it this length and have it as a camisole, or whether to make the final 2 strips and have it as a dress.

I'm so terrible at making decision! Aaargh!

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