Friday, 24 October 2008

Trev's Greeny Beanie

You know how I said the other day that Trev wanted a khaki green beanie? Well I didn't think the colour they had at Liberty was what he'd like - however upon showing him pics, he changed his mind and said that colour would be ok!

So cue a little excursion to the shops on Wednesday (and I had a longer wander around the rest of the store this time... omg, what a place!) and bought some more yarn!

I went with a colleague who is leaving us in a month to go up to Leeds, get married and live happily ever after - and I want to make her a leaving gift. We've decided on a One Skein Scarf and I let her pick whatever yarn she wanted. So here's what she chose (although it looks a bit greener in reality):


And here's the yarn for Trev:


I started the beanie Wednesday night and got up to the first colour change during the 2 episodes of Heroes before stopping. On the train to work on Thursday I managed all but the last 2 rows of single crochet which I finished whilst on the bus to Oxford Street! Sorted :) Ends were woven in the bus home (which got me a few funny looks, but I don't care).

I tried this hat on and was amazed by how warm and snuggly it was! I guess with making all these things for other people I've not been using the nice stuff on myself - need to change that :)

Here's the directions I followed this time:

Worked 7 rounds of increases.
Rounds 8 & 9: 70 dc all the way round.
Round 10: added 3 increases (one at each side and one at front).
Rounds 11-13: Worked 73 dc
Round 14: Started stripes with CC.
Ended hat with 2 rounds of sc in the MC, first round in the back loops of the CC, second round just standard sc.

And ta-da! Here's the finished hat. (First pic is me modelling the hat for Trev when I got to work on Thursday):




I bought 2 balls of the green yarn, because I plan to use the remainder of the brown yarn and all the other green yarn to make Trev a matching scarf for his hat. The scarf however will be knitted - probably just simple ribbing.

Talking of knitting, I'm making good progress on my first knit project - more to be revealed soon!

Friday, 17 October 2008


I've suddenly had a panic - if I take up knitting, and start to get quite proficient at it, what do I do about my blog name? Do I keep it as "Azzy's Crochet" when that's not all I do now?

Oooh the confusion!

I do have a new knitted swatch that I'm very proud to show. This has been done on some Aran weight yarn and on some "5" needles that I've stolen from my mum. I assume these are 5.0mm rather than size 5, as I'm told that would be quite small.

First Proper Knitted Swatch!

Ta Da! It contains some stockinette, ribbing and cables - I'm surprised at how easy all of this was to do. I need to concentrate on my tension and try something a bit more substantial.

I've actually taken to knitting the English way (yarn in right hand) rather than the Continental way (yarn in left hand) which is what you'd think I'd take to more naturally as a crocheter, where we hold the yarn in our left hands (if right handed). I want to try and learn both, as this can come in useful when you want to do multi-coloured knitting.

I think the first project I attempt may be this Irish Hiking Scarf (find it here on Ravelry) as it's cabled and uses the right yarn and needles compared to what I have, and only uses straight needles. Because I only have my 15mm Lantern Moons and these ones I've nicked from mum, I'm a bit limited in what I can try.

Which brings me onto the needles I have my eye on... my beady little eye. I have stumbled across Knitpicks Needles. I love the idea of their interchangeable circular needle sets - where you can combine different sized needles and different length cables to suit the project. Of course, being the compulsive nutter I am, I will have to make sure I own ALL the tips and cables in ALL sizes... :) How Trev puts up with me I don't know. He says it isn't putting up with, but I'm sure there's some in there somewhere!

Now of course, the interchangeables only go down to certain sizes, so if I wish to do fine lace knitting, or socks or other items using the magic loop technique, I will have to buy individual circulars - and this is before we get onto straights or dpns! There's a whole little set of dpns that I'd quite like - although I'm reliably assured that you can generally do without them by using circulars.

Boy it's confusing! At least with crochet (exclusing Tunisian) you only need hooks in different sizes, not different lengths. Weird! At least I've been recommended a site which has been really useful for learning - - some great videos here and it will be really useful.

Crikey - this was meant to be a short post and has turned into a long ramble... this is what happens when I blog tired!

Have a great weekend everyone :)

Saturday, 11 October 2008

New Lotus Smock pics & another hat!

Finished Trev's Warm Woolly Winter beanie today (based on my Skater Beanie pattern) - made using the Rowan aran I bought from Liberty. We went for a walk today (to feed the birds round the lake) and took some photos whilst we were out:



Now, the only problem with trying to feed the cute-ish geese, is that these boys come along and want a piece of the action:



I love swans - I think they're beautiful, but as soon as they get close enough for those pictures, I start to be reminded of the fact that a swan can break a person's arm! Trev has an amusing video of me attempting to run away and the swans following, trying to get their beaks on the bread I had.

Here's some more of the little critters:




And a little of the scenery:



Our flat is at the very far end of the lake in the pictures above and below. You can hardly see it here, but it's there!


Finally, we took some new pictures today of my Lotus Smock with my new black slip. I've decided that I want to make another one - a cami this time. I'll try and use my Lion Microspun yarn - so that one will be black which I can wear with a load of different tops underneath.




Still need to finish the cardi-wrap though :) Taking forever!

Friday, 10 October 2008

New bag and first knitting!

Behold my first piece of knitting!


All done on size 19 (15mm) needles that I've bought for doing broomstick lace and using some bulky yarn. Started off by doing that I think may be a long tail cast on (where you use one needle and a thumb) and did just knit for the first few rows, then tried purling. Eventually got the hang of alternating rows to product something sensible looking. Once my Stitch n Bitch book arrives I'll be able to do a bit more!

Soooo, here is my new beautiful bag! It arrived yesterday and here was my first glimpse of it - Trev unwrapped it for me on Skype and I took a couple of pics:

Video call snapshot 3

Upon getting home it's absolutely gorgeous! So well made and just perfect. It's a bit smaller than I thought - it looks quite big on the model on the Offhand site, and I am a bit taller and, ahem, chunkier than other girls. I am in love with this bag. Cannot wait to start using it next week! Here's pictures I took today:







Thank you to my dear hubby for posing with the bag for me for those last 2 pictures. I was in my PJ's, so in no state to be photographed!

To end, here's a cute picture of Trev and Kooky taken this morning - keeping me company whilst I worked :)


Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Come on you Irons!

That, my friends is the chant of our football team (and by football I mean soccer) West Ham United.

Ever since I made the monkey for Adam all those months ago, Trev has wanted me to make one in team colours for him.

So, here he is! As yet, the munko is unnamed, but on our wedding anniversary on Thursday (a week ago now, the 2nd October) we took him for a walk to take photos. So following in a sec is the pics we took of him out and about, along with a few photos of the area around where we live. The lake in the photos is just in front of our flat - our living room looks out onto it, when there's not a building site in the way!

I'm happier with this monkey I think, than the first one. I used all the same yarns as the first monkey with the exception of the top - I used some of my Rowan Calmer in Garnet as I needed a claret colour.

Overall I'm happier with the placement of the head and ears, and the way I've attached the limbs. The downside, is I think I perhaps made a mess of the nose and the body and head isn't stuffed as well as it perhaps should be. The head also flops around a lot, but Trev says he likes it! My favourite part is his little football boots with the laces stitched on :)








So, our monkey seems very happy in trees! At the moment he's keeping Trev's guitar stuff company.

My cardi-wrap has a finished body now! I finished all of the at the weekend so now just need to do the arms and block it. Hopefully this weekend. It doesn't quite hang and sit how I'd like, but I'm sure with wear and blocking that will be sorted.

In final crochet news, I bought some yarn to start a winter beanie for Trev (update at the weekend) and I have an Offhand Designs bag making it's way to me!

Last but by no means least, I took up the pointy sticks at the weekend and have started to learn to knit! Scary!