Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Come on you Irons!

That, my friends is the chant of our football team (and by football I mean soccer) West Ham United.

Ever since I made the monkey for Adam all those months ago, Trev has wanted me to make one in team colours for him.

So, here he is! As yet, the munko is unnamed, but on our wedding anniversary on Thursday (a week ago now, the 2nd October) we took him for a walk to take photos. So following in a sec is the pics we took of him out and about, along with a few photos of the area around where we live. The lake in the photos is just in front of our flat - our living room looks out onto it, when there's not a building site in the way!

I'm happier with this monkey I think, than the first one. I used all the same yarns as the first monkey with the exception of the top - I used some of my Rowan Calmer in Garnet as I needed a claret colour.

Overall I'm happier with the placement of the head and ears, and the way I've attached the limbs. The downside, is I think I perhaps made a mess of the nose and the body and head isn't stuffed as well as it perhaps should be. The head also flops around a lot, but Trev says he likes it! My favourite part is his little football boots with the laces stitched on :)








So, our monkey seems very happy in trees! At the moment he's keeping Trev's guitar stuff company.

My cardi-wrap has a finished body now! I finished all of the at the weekend so now just need to do the arms and block it. Hopefully this weekend. It doesn't quite hang and sit how I'd like, but I'm sure with wear and blocking that will be sorted.

In final crochet news, I bought some yarn to start a winter beanie for Trev (update at the weekend) and I have an Offhand Designs bag making it's way to me!

Last but by no means least, I took up the pointy sticks at the weekend and have started to learn to knit! Scary!

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