Friday, 17 October 2008


I've suddenly had a panic - if I take up knitting, and start to get quite proficient at it, what do I do about my blog name? Do I keep it as "Azzy's Crochet" when that's not all I do now?

Oooh the confusion!

I do have a new knitted swatch that I'm very proud to show. This has been done on some Aran weight yarn and on some "5" needles that I've stolen from my mum. I assume these are 5.0mm rather than size 5, as I'm told that would be quite small.

First Proper Knitted Swatch!

Ta Da! It contains some stockinette, ribbing and cables - I'm surprised at how easy all of this was to do. I need to concentrate on my tension and try something a bit more substantial.

I've actually taken to knitting the English way (yarn in right hand) rather than the Continental way (yarn in left hand) which is what you'd think I'd take to more naturally as a crocheter, where we hold the yarn in our left hands (if right handed). I want to try and learn both, as this can come in useful when you want to do multi-coloured knitting.

I think the first project I attempt may be this Irish Hiking Scarf (find it here on Ravelry) as it's cabled and uses the right yarn and needles compared to what I have, and only uses straight needles. Because I only have my 15mm Lantern Moons and these ones I've nicked from mum, I'm a bit limited in what I can try.

Which brings me onto the needles I have my eye on... my beady little eye. I have stumbled across Knitpicks Needles. I love the idea of their interchangeable circular needle sets - where you can combine different sized needles and different length cables to suit the project. Of course, being the compulsive nutter I am, I will have to make sure I own ALL the tips and cables in ALL sizes... :) How Trev puts up with me I don't know. He says it isn't putting up with, but I'm sure there's some in there somewhere!

Now of course, the interchangeables only go down to certain sizes, so if I wish to do fine lace knitting, or socks or other items using the magic loop technique, I will have to buy individual circulars - and this is before we get onto straights or dpns! There's a whole little set of dpns that I'd quite like - although I'm reliably assured that you can generally do without them by using circulars.

Boy it's confusing! At least with crochet (exclusing Tunisian) you only need hooks in different sizes, not different lengths. Weird! At least I've been recommended a site which has been really useful for learning - - some great videos here and it will be really useful.

Crikey - this was meant to be a short post and has turned into a long ramble... this is what happens when I blog tired!

Have a great weekend everyone :)

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