Friday, 10 October 2008

New bag and first knitting!

Behold my first piece of knitting!


All done on size 19 (15mm) needles that I've bought for doing broomstick lace and using some bulky yarn. Started off by doing that I think may be a long tail cast on (where you use one needle and a thumb) and did just knit for the first few rows, then tried purling. Eventually got the hang of alternating rows to product something sensible looking. Once my Stitch n Bitch book arrives I'll be able to do a bit more!

Soooo, here is my new beautiful bag! It arrived yesterday and here was my first glimpse of it - Trev unwrapped it for me on Skype and I took a couple of pics:

Video call snapshot 3

Upon getting home it's absolutely gorgeous! So well made and just perfect. It's a bit smaller than I thought - it looks quite big on the model on the Offhand site, and I am a bit taller and, ahem, chunkier than other girls. I am in love with this bag. Cannot wait to start using it next week! Here's pictures I took today:







Thank you to my dear hubby for posing with the bag for me for those last 2 pictures. I was in my PJ's, so in no state to be photographed!

To end, here's a cute picture of Trev and Kooky taken this morning - keeping me company whilst I worked :)


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