Saturday, 11 October 2008

New Lotus Smock pics & another hat!

Finished Trev's Warm Woolly Winter beanie today (based on my Skater Beanie pattern) - made using the Rowan aran I bought from Liberty. We went for a walk today (to feed the birds round the lake) and took some photos whilst we were out:



Now, the only problem with trying to feed the cute-ish geese, is that these boys come along and want a piece of the action:



I love swans - I think they're beautiful, but as soon as they get close enough for those pictures, I start to be reminded of the fact that a swan can break a person's arm! Trev has an amusing video of me attempting to run away and the swans following, trying to get their beaks on the bread I had.

Here's some more of the little critters:




And a little of the scenery:



Our flat is at the very far end of the lake in the pictures above and below. You can hardly see it here, but it's there!


Finally, we took some new pictures today of my Lotus Smock with my new black slip. I've decided that I want to make another one - a cami this time. I'll try and use my Lion Microspun yarn - so that one will be black which I can wear with a load of different tops underneath.




Still need to finish the cardi-wrap though :) Taking forever!

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austin said...

Your Lotus smock looks awesome! I look forward to seeing your cardiwrap!

I'm working on a black cardiwrap in Lion Brand also.
I'm austin on ravelry