Friday, 24 October 2008

Trev's Greeny Beanie

You know how I said the other day that Trev wanted a khaki green beanie? Well I didn't think the colour they had at Liberty was what he'd like - however upon showing him pics, he changed his mind and said that colour would be ok!

So cue a little excursion to the shops on Wednesday (and I had a longer wander around the rest of the store this time... omg, what a place!) and bought some more yarn!

I went with a colleague who is leaving us in a month to go up to Leeds, get married and live happily ever after - and I want to make her a leaving gift. We've decided on a One Skein Scarf and I let her pick whatever yarn she wanted. So here's what she chose (although it looks a bit greener in reality):


And here's the yarn for Trev:


I started the beanie Wednesday night and got up to the first colour change during the 2 episodes of Heroes before stopping. On the train to work on Thursday I managed all but the last 2 rows of single crochet which I finished whilst on the bus to Oxford Street! Sorted :) Ends were woven in the bus home (which got me a few funny looks, but I don't care).

I tried this hat on and was amazed by how warm and snuggly it was! I guess with making all these things for other people I've not been using the nice stuff on myself - need to change that :)

Here's the directions I followed this time:

Worked 7 rounds of increases.
Rounds 8 & 9: 70 dc all the way round.
Round 10: added 3 increases (one at each side and one at front).
Rounds 11-13: Worked 73 dc
Round 14: Started stripes with CC.
Ended hat with 2 rounds of sc in the MC, first round in the back loops of the CC, second round just standard sc.

And ta-da! Here's the finished hat. (First pic is me modelling the hat for Trev when I got to work on Thursday):




I bought 2 balls of the green yarn, because I plan to use the remainder of the brown yarn and all the other green yarn to make Trev a matching scarf for his hat. The scarf however will be knitted - probably just simple ribbing.

Talking of knitting, I'm making good progress on my first knit project - more to be revealed soon!

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