Monday, 3 November 2008


It just occurred to me whilst I'm sat here at work typing, wearing my new knitted fingerless gloves/armwarmers, that I haven't blogged about said gloves! I took a ton of pics of them the other night but somehow have completely forgotten to blog about them.

Oh dear.

I will do that later - maybe at lunch if I get the chance, otherwise once I get home tonight. They've turned out ok - not 100% happy with them, but they are my first knitted project, so I can't expect them to be wonderful. The yarn isn't great either and is getting all fluffy etc after a bit of wear.

My niece wants me to make her some in pink - I need to see if I have a suitable yarn kicking around somewhere. The only yarn I do have, I think might be a bit too chunky...but I'll see what I can think of. (Plus it's a nasty acrylic and I don't know how well that will knit up on plastic needles...)

Currently working on the scarf for Trev - it's probably about 25-30% done (he wants it to be long) and this is helping to wile away some of the time on my commute. My tension is coming out a bit funky... i.e. not great, but hopefully this will improve the more I do.

Anyhow this was only meant to be a short post because I'm working (or meant to be!). Double oops...

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