Sunday, 28 December 2008

Bits and pieces

Been a bit of a strange day today. Haven't really accomplished much in some ways, but in other perhaps have got a great deal done!

First of all, I'm going to post the most recent photo of my CPH - which shows that I have made definitive progress on something.


So I'm up to the armholes and have done all the decreases that I need to do and bound off all stitches etc that needed it, and I now just need to work in pattern for 8.5" then I can do my short rows for the shoulders. I had to spit splice and add in a second ball of yarn yesterday - it spliced sooo well and I have absolutely no clue where the join is now. I do love this yarn.

I decided that I'd take a small break from my CPH, to do some unselfish projects for other people so I could get to revelling in my selfishness. So out came the stash box, to pick yarn for said unselfish projects and I've unfortunately spent the last couple of hours doing not much. (In fact it's probably 3-4 hours if I'm honest.) I've been tweaking things in my queue, deciding whether any UFOs need to take a trip to the Frog Pond and generally just fiddling.

I've done some major sorting of my queue on Ravelry and am determined to stick to it as much as possible. Needless to say I've also added a few things to it and it currently stands at 50 items - some of which may come off when I get back to looking at it later.

I've been trying to work out uses for some of my stashed yarn and think I've worked out how to use up a lot of it, which is great - especially the dreaded Lion Brand Microspun. I've decided to frog the Lotus Camisole that I was working on (a crochet hairpin lace project that I've already made a dress version of). Well not frog, so much as just bin. It was coming out ok, but I'd made a few mistakes on it, hate working with the yarn and just couldn't be bothered with it anymore. So that only leaves one unfinished Microspun project - the Hairpin Lace Cardi Wrap on which I think I just need to do the sleeves and block it.

I think that once I use up some of my stash, I won't feel so bad about buying yarns for selfish projects. So here's what I'm thinking:

  • Monster Baby Booties - (these have a deadline) using the Fun Fur I bought along with random DK and aran bits from stash
  • Amigurumi monkey - not sure whether to make this in DK or aran size - don't have enough yarn in the "correct" colours to do either, so need to have a think on this one
  • Evangeline gloves for Gywneth - got chased on these again today :) Use up last of Almerino Aran
  • Hourglass Jacket - Broomstick lace pattern in Rowan Calmer - may need to buy an extra ball to finish this
  • Possible the Short and Sweet - in Microspun, to use that up.
Definitely need to do the first three before I go back to my CPH, although the gloves are a good project for on my commute once I go back to work. The bottom two are ones I'll do afterwards. Everything else in my queue I need new yarn for and will have great fun buying it!

I've blogged a lot recently... I've realised. Probably a combination of making more of an effort and having lots of time off. It's been nice, although anyone who actually reads this is probably sick to death of me by now :)

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