Thursday, 11 December 2008

Caroline's Fetchings

I posted these off to Caroline today - I took some photos of them whilst working at home yesterday.

I've already posted about the mods I made in another post, so this post will be just for pics :)

I blocked these gloves before sending them out, just to get the yarn to settle and to soften them up. Some of the colour bled out into the Soak water, but for some reason these photos have come out REALLY faded. In real life they're not like this at all - just as vivid as the Evangelines I started for her and the beanie I made.







Not looking too bad I think! Hopefully they'll keep her hands warm whilst she plays the piano.

I'd hoped my Knitpicks Interchangeables would have arrived today - hopefully tomorrow or Saturday at the latest so I can start to swatch for my CPH :) Then I have 2 weeks off over Christmas when I can start work on it and hopefully make some progress.

I'm looking at using short row shaping and a three needle bind off for the shoulders (based on info from Ravelry and Knitty), but I'm still trying to get my head around that. Can't decide which size to make either - either the 40 or 44 - 40 might be a bit snug as I'm a 38 round the chest, but 44 might be too big?

Finally, our Kooky bear was at the vets yesterday to have her teeth cleaned as they were in a bad state. She had to have a small tooth at the front out, but they're now pearly and white. It was quite cute watching her stroll around the flat like a drunk thing last night - swaying from side to side and falling asleep standing up. She didn't make a sound ALL night until I woke up early this morning to find her curled up on my tummy purring :)

She's been much more herself today which is lovely and she's currently snuggled next to me as I type - no she's not - she's off now Trev's gotten up to get a drink. She has got these funny little shaved bits on her chest and both her front legs where they must have taken blood or inserted the drip - looks quite weird!

Funny how worried you get about them - I couldn't relax yesterday and it wasn't the same here without her. Due to her age I was worried how she'd deal with the anaesthetic, but we'd paid for her to have blood tests prior and fluids during so she was fine. The vet said she was a star - very well behaved and pretty. Ironically, in the morning before the op, Kooky was sat facing the outside of the cage - to see what was going on. AFTER the op, she laid down with her back to everyone. Sounds like my baby! 100% stroppy. But that's why we love them. I think.

Right, I'm off to browse the latest issue of Knitty and maybe to go and re-watch Wall-E - and cry again.

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