Sunday, 7 December 2008

Consoling myself...

In advance of purchasing my Knitpicks Interchangeables (hopefully this week) to knit my CPH with my as-yet non-existent yarn, I treated myself to a present today.

I mentioned Ysolda's patterns in a previous blog post - besides knitting her Vivian hoodie pattern, I'd like to knit this pattern: Snow White. Sooo, four of my Great British Pounds were plonked down this afternoon and the pattern is now mine. Hope to print it off tomorrow and start to highlight the bits I need.

I may also buy the pattern for Vivian once I've finished my CPH, but I'll knit it after finishing Snow White and my CPH, so I don't have too much in my queue at once.

I also managed to get another WIP off the needles this evening. I finished off Caroline's Fetchings. As I thought I might, I had to start to rip back the second half-finished Evangeline to finish it off, but at least it's done now.

With these I added an extra stitch to the thumb on each side when picking them up, making a total of 19 stitches, then over the next 4 rows work 3 decreases to end with a total of 16 before binding off.

Wove in the ends as usual around the thumb, although the holes weren't so bad this time, due to the increased stitches being picked up. I bet this could be eliminated completely if I was to pick up yet MORE stitches.

The gloves are blocking now - hopefully I'll get to take some pictures in the daytime before posting them off to Caroline some time this week.

Back to the grind in the morning!

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