Saturday, 13 December 2008

Finished Trev's Scarf

Yay! I am ashamed to admit that this has taken me 6 weeks, but I'm glad it's finally finished.


It's long, warm and soft. Blocking evened out the stitches beautifully, so where I had some wonky changes in tension between knitting sessions, it's now impossible to tell. I did notice during blocking though that this yarn does bleed a bit into the water - I found that when I washed all of Trev's hats last week, made from the same yarn. Plus they grew a bit, which I wasn't happy about.

The yarn isn't the softest in the world, but it's amazing what a few hours soaking in Soak will do for it.


In the end I bound the scarf off using Elizabeth Zimmermann's Sewn Bind Off which is meant to be very stretchy and great for ribbing. Which it is. However I think I bound off a little too loose, which has caused the edge to flare out slightly, but it's nothing too bad. At least I know for next time.


Overall, pretty happy! Back to selfish knitting now :)

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