Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Gone all Continental!

I made a discovery on the train home tonight. No, not that the trains are massively overpriced and overcrowded.

Oh no. (I think we all know that already.)

I discovered, that despite earlier attempts, I CAN knit Contintental! Woo!

I was working on Trev's scarf and getting sick and tired of how slow it can be to do 2x2 ribbing when you throw the yarn and so I thought I'd try it again, based on the videos I've seen on KnittingHelp.com. And I could do it!

Purling is much trickier, but I'm getting the hang of using the middle finger to push the yarn down so that you can pull it through the stitch. Working the first stitch is hard too - because pulling the yarn with the left hand twists the stitch round and makes it hard to work.

But now I just need to practise so I get a bit quicker.

Might actually manage to get Trev's scarf finished before the end of winter :)

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