Sunday, 7 December 2008

I hate you Royal Mail!

As hoped on Thursday, my CPH yarn arrived. Or rather, it would have arrived if one of us had been at home to answer the door. As it is, I came home to the red "While you were out" card that Royal Mail like to try and leave.

So, we called the number on the card to arrange a re-delivery - cue being left on hold for 10 minutes and getting fed up.

In the end, we decided to place the re-delivery request online - which we did. We asked them to re-deliver on Saturday when we'd both be home and I got an email back confirming this would happen.

Cue Saturday - no yarn. Not happy :( I wanted to start swatching for my CPH - well not swatching as such because I don't have the needles, but I wanted more new yarn to squish :(

At least on Friday I had a skein of Lion Brand Fun Fur arrive (because at least that could be shoved in our post box) which wasn't quite what I expected when it turned up... bit straggly and not at all how it looks in people's finished project photos.


Well I have something in mind for that - may work on it today, although I have about 5 WIPs that I need to finish...

I'm going to go and fondle my yarn colour chart... since it's the closest I can get to the real thing at the moment!


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