Friday, 12 December 2008

I realised I forgot...

... to post pictures of the new yarn! Still no needles yet - really hope they'll turn up tomorrow.


It's probably a bit darker, more purply and less red in reality, but it doesn't do a bad job of showing off the yarn.

Been a busy few days, knitwise. Posted off Caroline's Fetchings yesterday - hopefully she'll get those soon. I'm waiting for my needles, and I finished Trev's scarf today - I'll blog about that over the weekend.

I've also been teaching a colleague to knit. We went to John Lewis to pick up some stuff a couple of weeks ago and we've been having one lesson a week during lunches at work. Needless to say EVERYONE who walks past laughs at us, but 3 or 4 female colleagues have expressed a desire to learn as well - especially when they see the Fetchings that I gave to her (the purple Cashmerino ones) and are told that they could make these too!

Last week we learned to cast on and knit, and today we covered purling and cables. I might knit a test swatch over the weekend to show her all of the basic stitches. I won't bother with increases and decreases because I don't know them myself yet and the KnittingHelp site explains it so much better than I could.

Have to go and take care of a sick hubby - he really isn't well today. Been feeling faint, dizzy... all sorts. He's occasionally coughing but generally just making really odd noises as he tries to sleep. Bless him. At least the cat is ok - Kooky went back for a checkup today and all is well.

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