Monday, 15 December 2008

Magic Loop!

I know I posted yesterday about attempting to magic loop my Evangeline gloves and I did indeed make progress!

Here was in the morning:


And here they are tonight!


All I've done today is the ribbing on the top and picking up the thumb stitches. All the rest was done yesterday and all done using the circ.

I've already decided I want more cables and needles - I'm going to want spares of some, and I need to get the other tips in the set. Also tempted to try some of the metal tips for some speedier knitting. Could come in handy for my CPH.

Anyway... made a lot of mods to the gloves that I'll explain when I finish the second one. Just so glad these fit me - I have big hands and making the effort to knit loosely and making my mods has really helped. Also, using magic loop has stopped the really saggy purl stitches you can sometimes get at the sides of cable panels.

Yay! I'm in love!

Unfortunately Trev bless him has been a bit worse today. Hope he perks up soon. Am working from home tomorrow so I can keep an eye on him :)

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