Thursday, 25 December 2008

Making Progress!

Today has been a good day. Not because it's Christmas, bizarrely, as we don't celebrate it and so haven't done anything Xmas related today. Well, we went out for a curry for lunch (I was told it was Xmas Day, then on Saturday Mum told me it was Xmas Eve... and then we had it confirmed for today) which was lovely. Speaking of which, I gave her the Evangeline gloves to give to Gwyneth, but she has decided to keep them herself as they fit and to save me knitting another pair, which is fine. More time for me!

The restaurant was surprisingly busy busy - clearly lots of people not keen on cooking today! But they did serve everyone free tandoori turkey which I didn't try - Mum swiped it to give to the dog. This dog (who is much bigger since this was taken):


Speaking of dogs, yesterday until this morning we dog-sat this little 'un of my sister's.


They were away in Egypt on holiday and not getting back until this morning. He was staying with my Mum/Dad and their dog, but weren't getting on, so Monty went into kennels and we were asked to have him for the final day.

He came to us in the morning and was super stinky, so we gave him a bath. He was still stinky afterwards (he's a dog, so I guess it's inevitable) but much less so. But very cute. Unfortunately he and Kooky didn't get on, but I'll spare you all of the details. She was ok with him whilst he was sleepy and quiet, but this pup has more energy than Usain Bolt and tended to be like a crazy boisterous thing most of the day which she couldn't handle.

Thankfully we got to give him back this morning (after which I promptly de-doggified the place as he piddled on the floor and was generally a bit stinky - after all I'm used to nice clean cat) but not before we'd taken a few pictures.

Straight out of the bath:


Playing Wii with Trev:


Cute sleepy pictures:




So, back to the knitting!

Been making good progress on my CPH once I finally cast on. Opted to make the 40" size, so it will be snug-fitting, as I think the 44" would be way too big. I may have to make the sleeves from the 44" though, as the dimensions in the schematic are very small - although a lot of people have remarked on the sleeves being tight, so I'm not surprised. Not that I have fat arms or anything, but I don't think mine will fit into the ones I'm meant to make.

Here was my progress this morning, although I'm now 4 and a bit cable repeats up the body now:


I'm really happy with how it's coming out. Perhaps if I make another one, I'll do the ribbing in the same sized needles as the body as it is going to need to stretch a LOT to fit around the ol' hips. But it will fit, especially with blocking.

Enjoying working on it though, just hope I can get lots done over the next week or so. Need to get some Wii playing in though as I have oodles of games I need to finish, despite lending some out. Sometimes I hate having so many hobbies :)

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