Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Ooh Selfish Knitting!

Here is my first FO since I decided to become a selfish knitter:


My finished Evangeline gloves! Yay!

I finished these yesterday morning, when all I had to do was finish off the thumb. The main body of the glove was finished on Sunday. The thumbs always seem to take me forever to do... I don't get it!

As stated in a previous post, this was my first proper Magic Loop project and I'm really happy with how it turned out. I love the portability of Magic Loop, and the fact that I can't poke myself to death with a series of double-pointed needles :) It's also easier to avoid the horrible saggy purl stitches that you can get at the sides of a cable panel. There is a little bit of looseness here, but nothing major and they certainly look much better than my previous attempt.

Here's a list of my mods:

  • 4 cable repeats instead of 3
  • 20 rows of ribbing at the cuff
  • 10 rows of ribbing at the fingers
  • Started thumb on the 3rd knit stitch away from the cable panel, not the first
  • Knit 5 stitches for the thumb on waste yarn - same method as used for Fetching gloves and picked up 22 stitches in total, decreasing to 14 for final rounds
  • Made the thumb longer - 12 rounds in total, with 4 rows of 1x1 ribbing at the top
  • Used EZ’s sewn bind off for stretchiness
  • Magic looped them and had the cable panel, plus an extra 2 purls and 2 knit stitches on each side (total of 24, to prevent saggy purling), with 16 knit stitches on the second needle

These did take me longer to do than I wanted... I would have them done much earlier in the week if I hadn't had to frog back almost all of the cabling due to some mistake I had made.

Wore them out last night and whilst they are beautifully warm and soft, but I have a horrible feeling that I'm allergic to either the alpaca or the merino in the gloves. They were a bit itchy to wear and when I took them off last night, I had what looked the beginnings of little round itchy patches on my hands. Hives, maybe? So sad as they are so pretty! :(



I haven't tried washing the gloves yet, to see if that helps, but they are a little tight across the palm and could probably have done with some more stitches being added there, so I may give them to a lady my parents know who was eyeing them up last night. She tried them on and clearly didn't want to take them off.

My Mum was also in love - she wants me to make her some but in a bigger size/gauge so that she can wear them over other gloves when walking the dog. Not entirely sure how I'll do those... probably go up a needle size and still add more stitches across the palm. Maybe 4 or 8 more. I'll pick up the 22 stitches for the thumb again, but not do as many decreases. So I'll cast on for those soon.

And to cheer myself up, I am going to go and cast on for my hoodie now. I wore the swatch tucked into my bra last night just to make sure I'm not going to have a reaction to this yarn :) Maybe I can make some more Evangelines out of that later.

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