Monday, 29 December 2008

Small but cute

I finished these last night which were a bit of a triumph for me:


First 2 times I tried to make these, it was awful as I couldn't get the hang of working with the fun fur. Third time round, I carried a strand of brown DK yarn along with the fun fur.

They need a bit of brushing to help the fur all lie in the same direction, but I think they're pretty cute. They're called Chewbacca Baby Booties and are destined for a bump that has been nicknamed "Chewie" :)

The other thing I've done today is teach myself how to mattress stitch:


It's come out ok - the bottom (which I did first) isn't as good as the top but overall it's ok I think. I'll get plenty of practice when working on my CPH and this was just to ensure I got the general idea.

I also heard back from New Lanark yarns about their bulky weight yarn that I enquired about. Like the Aran, it's also only £2.95 per ball but it's less yardage at 132yds. It only comes in certain colours, Cherry, Sky, Heather, Blossom, New Natural and Limestone. I quite fancy bright cherry red something... maybe a Vivian which I bought the pattern for the other day.

The final thing I heard about today (you can tell it's everyone's first day back at work after Xmas) was a spinning (fibre, not exercise) course at a shop in London. There is one course I was keen on, which several ladies in my SnB group have gone on - they speak very highly of the teacher, but it's on a Sunday and not easy for me to get to. So there's another store in East London (which lets Trev go and visit the in-laws) which do a 6 hour course on a Saturday for only £45! Bargain! They have dates in Feb, March and April, so I'll try and go at some point soonish.

Very sad to be into my final week off! My mum rang me earlier and requested 2 more pairs of Evangelines to go with different coats of hers... I'm sort of pleased that she likes them enough, but a bit peeved that I have to buy the yarn and find the time to make them. I may not have that much time on my commute since I bought a DS cart that contains 100 classic novels, most of which I've wanted to read for years. I'm such a geek :)

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